One of the rarest variations of G1 toys is Bumper/Bumblejumper.  Some Cliffjumper and Bumblebee cards had a different, but similarly molded toy, probably overstock or and error by Hasbro and Diaclone.  I never thought there would be box art for him, but there exists some examples from the Brazillian TF line, pointed out to me by Jim Sorensam. This tech involved alot of different people and sources.  The pic was edited, adding parts of the left food and arm as well as coloring him yellow and adding and an Autobot symbol. The end result is here. The text was from the same source as the pic, but it was in Portugese and translated it for me by Cappeca.  I added a bit to the translation after realizing he needed some sort of reason for his name as well as the very similar function as Prowl.  I wanted Bumper to look as close to the '84 minicar techs as possible, so I made the sideways gradient background and used the old style for the tech numbers.  Although I like the name Bumblejumper better, Bumper was more appropriate in regards to G1 names.



Bumper image: This page from the Toy Archive, directed to me by Jim Sorensam

Bumper Text Spec text provided by: This page from the Toy Archive, translated by Cappeca

Base Tech image: Beachcomber and Brawn's Tech Spec from the International Transformers Tech Spec Archive


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