Michael A. Knyszek
University of California, Berkeley | Class of 2017
Computer Science Major

$ whoami

My favorite parts of computer science and engineering are the extremes: the abstract, mathematical analysis and dissection of a problem and its solution, and the gritty details of the implementations; the deceptively tiny but immensely important engineering problems that need to be overcome in order to bring an idea to life. I see between these extremes simultaneously a tension and a harmony; a back-and-forth between two voices to create something beautiful.

It goes without saying then that what I want to do is be a part of that ongoing discussion, and to contribute to projects that are doing big things for humanity and society who are in turn doing something quite beautiful.

I am a confident, driven, and ambitious individual, and I find myself easily immersed in brainstorming, designing, and building. To spend my life bringing useful and practical ideas into existence, to dissect the function of those ideas, and to challenge myself is my dream.