Zot Scheduler

Zot Scheduler is now permanently offline.

I've moved onto other things such as sea otter and wildlife photography.

You can use these other schedulers created by UCI students:

California Sea Otter

Thanks for all the support that everyone has given me over the past couple of years. From September 2009 to March of 2011, we've had about 175,000 visitors and 1.7 million pageviews. Zot Scheduler was started back at the end of 2003, but, unfortunately, I don't have statistics going back that far. March 1, 2010 had the most visitors with 2,781 visits (1,676 unique visitors) and 39,237 pageviews

I wrote the original Zot Scheduler in about a day while working on my final project compiler for UCI's graduate compiler project; it was a nice form of stress relief. I'm sure anyone of you ICS majors (or your friends who are ICS majors) can cook something up similar to Zot Scheduler. Drop me a line if you do and I'll put a link up here. It might make a nice project for a software engineering course.

Alternatively, someone can use the visitor statistics above and convince someone at UCI to build an official Zot Scheduler. It might make a nice business project for someone.