Production and Distribution


Today, the fruit can be found growing in more than fifty countries throughout the tropics and subtropics, including some of the Mediterranean areas. In Europe, guava is grown is Spain, Portugal, Southern France, and Israel.
In the United States, guava can be found in California, Florida, and Hawaii. In its native habitat of central and northern South America, guava thrives well in Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Brazil.
In some areas, such as Hawaii, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the crop has become naturalised. The seeds are being disseminated by birds to the extent that the crop has been deemed a noxious weed of pastures and wasteland.


The major producers of guava in the world are India, Brazil, and Mexico. Other leading countries are South Africa, Jamaica, Kenya, Cuba, the USA(mainly Florida and Hawaii), Egypt, Columbia, and the Philippines.

CountryAmount grown(in Metric Tons)
South Africa13,000

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