The Most Complete and Most Useless Collection of Pick Up Lines

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There are over five hundred pick-up lines contained in these nine categories. They have been categorized for entertainment purposes only. Any attempt to rebroadcast this page without the express written consent of Major League Baseball, the Anaheim Angels, and the Atlanta Braves is strictly prohibited.

Use any of the lines contained at your own risk. The owner of this page holds no responsibility for the reprecussions of the use of lines contained within. Proceed at your own risk. Please.

A quick note: Why use a pick-up line? One may use it to meet another person, usually of the opposite sex. There are, as I see it, three main categories of pickup lines: the good, the bad, and the stupid. The good line gets to the point behind the essence of a pickup line. To start a conversation. A pickup line is only as useful as the conversation that follows it. In that end, one must select pickup lines that are witty and interesting enough to mediate that end. However, don't be too witty. There is such thing as a pickup line that is incredibly humorous and witty, but fails to generate useful conversation, and is thus, by this definition, a bad pickup line. The bad pickup lines are the lines that offend, or do not create conversation. Check out those uder a couple of the sections down below. There are also the stupid lines. You know you got one of those when, immeidately after saying the line to the person, kicks you in the area between the legs and screams "rape" at the top of their lungs.


Type #1: Beavis and Butthead

These can only be characterized by thier utter brillance and thier devastatingly brilliant literary style...

Type #2: Straight to the Point

These have been classified by their direct and to the point nature. Once this type of line has been stated, there is nothing left but a dynamic consequence.

Type #3: Cheese

These are the types of lines that make you wanna cringe when you hear them for the first time. And the second time... Laugher is a common response to hearing these lines. Also, such things as "Oh, maw gawd." is also common.

Type #4: What?

The only response one will hear after any of these statements will be the word, "What?" A possible exception to this will be the polite version of "Excuse me!?!" I have no idea what some of these are attempting to accomplish.

Type #5: Innuendo

These, as Joey for Friends would say, 'work on another level." Man, some of these are really deep. This is the largest list. Over 200 lines are classified here.

Type #6: Flattery, or "Flattery"

Some of these lines are honest attempts at breaking the ice through compliment, but others, just seem to be quite the affront. Some of these cross over to the cheesy category... Just a warning...

Type #7:Just Plain Lame

These lines go beyond the simple "What?" category. These are just plain stupid. These should only be used by the seasoned vet, or the incredibly attractive. Good luck.

Type #8:Personal 'faves

These are the ones that I find most amusing. They just couldn't be placed, and therefore lost, with the rest of the pack...Also, I have my old list! This is also a n excellent source of bri lliant pick-up lines!

Type #9: Left field Approach

These are for the people who enjoy the introduction through the non sequitur. Advanced level. Wow.

Got any pick up lines not mentioned? I would like to hear them!

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