2022 SFBA ARML Team

Information about practices will be posted here. Team announcements will be sent out via email. See the email archive for any announcements that you might have missed.

For questions about practices, email moorxu@gmail.com. For questions about anything else, check the website. If you still need help, email arml-info@lists.berkeley.edu.

Last updated May 22: Added practice materials from May 22; homework for week of May 23


We plan to participate in two competitions this year:

We also plan to participate in FARML at our May 22 practice as a scrimmage against other teams.

Info Sessions, Tryouts, and Practices

Info Sessions: We plan to hold two online info sessions during evenings in late April. These info sessions will be intended for students who are new to ARML. While past team members are welcome to attend, these sessions are entirely optional. Details are posted in the schedule below.

Tryouts: While everyone who's interested in ARML is able to participate, we plan to select multiple elite teams of top students who will be ranked against the top teams from other regions. To select these teams, we will hold two online evening tryout opportunities in late April. See the schedule below for details. We will additionally consider ARML Local on April 23/24 to be a tryout as well. While attending a tryout is not required to be selected onto an elite team, it is highly encouraged. Even if you aren't interested in elite team selection, we still recommend attending tryouts for extra practice!

Practices: We will have three in-person practices this year, during weekends in May. This is unlike what we've done in past years - we will have a smaller number of long practices rather than a larger number of short practices. This will allow us to have more focused practice time, while simultaneously making practices more social, more interactive, and more fun.

If you need to miss a practice, get that absence excused by filling out the Practice Absence Form. You will need to provide a good reason. Please keep in mind that not all reasons are good.

Sacramento Area: There are also independent weekly in-person practices at UC Davis for students from the Sacramento area. If you're participating in ARML from the Sacramento area, contact sacramento.math@gmail.com to join these practices. Sacramento area students are not required to attend Bay Area practices and do not need to fill out Practice Absence Forms.


Here is a schedule of our events this season:

If you want to join a carpool to a practice, you can use our Carpool Matching Tool. You can add yourself to the spreadsheet and contact others to set up a carpool.

Practice materials and homework

Practice materials for practices will be posted here after each practice. Note that these pages are password protected. Email moorxu@gmail.com for the username and password.

An individual round will be posted after each practice as homework. While these are not required and are not to be collected, we recommend doing them since we do not usually do individual rounds during team practices.