Tools and scripts

"The three chief virtues of a programmer are laziness, impatience and hubris."
                                                      - Larry Wall

This page contains a partial list of scripts I've written, mostly for myself. Feel free to use and modify these scripts, but please leave the attribution information at the beginning of the files. I don't make any claims that these are reliable or bug-free, especially for the ones I use rarely. (I would also write most of them very differently if I actually had the time to re-write them - but I don't.) They worked well enough for my purposes, and I'm placing them here in case they will be of use to others.

For most of these scripts, the directory and files must be executable, and your web server must be configured to run .cgi scripts from arbitrary directories. You may need to change the path to your python installation on the first line of the .cgi files.

Easy Survey v. 0.16

Photograph manager

Anonymous mailer

Printable online calendar

GRE Definition Grabber

UCBD Partner Match

UCBD Manager's Interface

Python calendar module