Pricing within the internet has made a profound impact. The internet allows pricing to be done efficiently- by allowing all factors of Pricing to intervene directly or indirectly between the buyer and seller in the pricing process. As a result, interesting variants such as the differing value of a product occurs. Many users research through the internet in order to find the pricing value of a particular product. In this research project I decided to delve into the depths of the forum Niketalk to analyze how shoe buyers interact amongst each other to find the value of varying sneakers. In Niketalk, rational pricing plays a big role as it informs shoe buyers the given value of each shoe at the current time. Price rationalization, also known as “rational pricing” is the assumption of something (products, stocks, anything of value) in financial economics. More clearly, it determines the price value of a given object.

©2007 Vinci Productionz

Undergraduate Research Project

University of California, Berkeley