How Do Teachers Define Modeling? In Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education

Wilkerson, M. H., Bautista, A. Tobin, R., Cao, Y., & Brizuela, B. (In Press). More than meets the eye: Patterns and shifts in what middle school mathematics teachers describe as models. To appear in Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education.

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Though modeling is a popular topic in mathematics education, the field’s definition of model is diverse. Less is known about what teachers identify as mathematical models, even though it is teachers who ultimately enact modeling activities in the classroom. Continue reading

Teachers, Tech, and Modeling in Journal of Science Teacher Education

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This paper explores the role that technology can play in engaging pre-service teachers with the iterative, “messy” nature of model-based inquiry. Over the course of 5 weeks, 11 pre-service teachers worked in groups to construct models of diffusion using a computational animation and simulation toolkit, and designed lesson plans for the toolkit. Content analyses of group discussions and lesson plans document Continue reading