LilyPad in the Classroom

Lilypad is aimed to teach basic circuit concepts that can be paired with LEDs, switches, buttons, and batteries.

Unlike some of the other robots in this library, the Lilypad has a smaller variety of lesson plans and tutorials. You can find a few tutorials on the Sparksfun page.

Lilypad in the Classroom

  1. Tutorial: Familiarize yourself and the students with how to use the board. Take a look at the Getting Started page for more detail.
  2. Sewing TutorialSome students may ask what an e-textile is. Follow along in the video provided in the link to see some basic uses of the Lilypad.
  3. Manipulating the Buttons: Students can sew their own design and use that as a button for their e-textile. Follow the link to see how.
  4. Fashion ShowOnce students have gotten the basics down. They can create their own e-textile piece to show to the class! The link provided is just an example of what students can do!
  5. Beyond the HangerHow else can students utilize e-textiles (besides clothing)? Brainstorm with students and see what kind of ideas and inventions they can come up with. The link provided is an example of a mechanical engineer making a LED kite!

Interested in more uses of electronics as a learning tool? Visit the Sparksfun education page for more detail.