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When I'm not philosophizing...

• "Olden-times" photography

"Wanted"/"Wanted Dead or Alive"Keystone Cops Sombrero and bandolier Comical

• CB lingo and culture ("B.J. and the Bear" era)

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• State capital spotting

"Bagged": Albany, Boston.

To go: Montgomery, Juneau, Phoenix, Little Rock, Sacramento, Denver, Hartford, Dover, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Honolulu, Boise, Springfield, Indianapolis, Des Moines, Topeka, Frankfort, Baton Rouge, Augusta, Annapolis, Lansing, St. Paul, Jackson, Jefferson City, Helena, Lincoln, Carson City, Concord, Trenton, Santa Fe, Raleigh, Bismarck, Columbus, Oklahoma City, Salem, Harrisburg, Providence, Columbia, Pierre, Nashville, Austin, Salt Lake City, Montpelier, Richmond, Olympia, Charleston, Madison, Cheyenne, San Juan (?)

"Airports Do Count," Letter to the Editor of A Capital Pastime

"Uncommonwealth: Problems and Prospects for San Juan ," Presentation to Contingency Planning Committee, Mid-Alantic State Capital Spotters

• Reader-assisted literature, incl. "Choose Your Own Adventure," nonprose forms

"Was Homer Listener Assisted? A New Perspective on Odyssey XXIV," Choose Your Own Interpretation 17: 3 (2003).

"How Shakespeare and Bacon Could Have Written Hamlet" (DRAFT)

Juxtaposition® Audiobooks: "Classics in a New Key"

What I'm listening to: Homage to Catalonia, read by Carrot Top

Last listen: A Room of One's Own, read by Bobby Knight

• Manimal-BOA (=NBC's "Manimal" Back On the Air)

English-speaking site

Essay (in French): "Voilà une série qui semblait avoir tout pour réussir."

• "Mutts" comicstrip fan-fic

"Mooch Tells Earl that He Has an Enlarged Prostate" (DRAFT)

• X-treme Dandling

Open letter: "Why Michael Jackson does not represent our sport"

Upcoming Mountain Dew®/Huggies® sponsorship. Read the press release from Pepsi-Co, Inc.

Beasty pic from 2005 X-games: Catching air, Norcal style

Memorial notice: "Steve Irwin: Dick Fosbury of X-treme Dandling"[Photo]