Housing Affordability in the Bay Area

For Exercise 8 I used Craigslist rental data for the Bay Area, combined with commute times for both driving and transit from the Google Directions API. The map shows where the housing is more or less affordable in the Bay. Red listings are unaffordable to someone who makes the median income in SF- Oakland metro area ($75,779). These apartments are rented for more than 50% of the monthly median income, or more than $3,158 per month. The yellow markers represent semi-affordable units, listed at 30% to 50% of the monthly median income. Finally, the green markers are affordable units, coming in at under $1,895, or less than 30% of the median monthly income in the area. The map shows that affordable housing is largely limited to the East Bay and outer suburbs. Popups on the markers show rent, plus the average commute time by driving and transit.


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