Marine Science at Cal

While Ocean Society is open to all majors and interested persons, we do have strong ties to the Marine Science program at Cal. This program is managed through the Earth and Planetary Science (EPS) Department on campus, who also manage clubs like the Geological Association of Berkeley (GAB) and the Atmospheric Science Association of Berkeley (Atmos).

If you’re interested in Marine Science at Cal, Ocean Society is a great place to start! You can also reach out to the EPS undergraduate advisor, Margie Winn from the EPS website. Some ocean-related classes offered at Cal include the eponymous Oceans (EPS/IB C82), Biological Oceanography and Biogeochemistry (EPS 113), and Invertebrate Zoology (IB 158).

Here’s a video that was made a few years ago for Cal Day by some of our members:

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