This is an old version of the emulator -- follow this link for a more recent version.

Javascript TI-92 Plus emulator (alpha version 4) by Patrick Davidson

This emulator requires a browser with canvas support.

The emulated calculator uses the open-source PedroM instead of the official TI system software. The PedroM source along with conversion scripts is available here. Use the backslash (\) key to activate the LOCK (hand) key on the emulated calculator, use backquote (`) for 2nd, and use F9 for F1. Use the numeric keypad for the + - * / symbols but the regular number keys to enter numbers. The - on the numeric keypad is the plain - key; use the semicolon (;) key for the (-) key. All other keys either have the obvious mapping or are not implemented at all. This emulator does not have support transferring files but is pre-loaded with a few of my games. To run them just type a game name (monster, mercury, platinum, phoenix, smiley) and press enter. As of alpha version 2, all of these games should be playable.

If you encounter serious problems with this emulator, such as it erases 100% of the data on your hard disk, please report to me by e-mail to or on IRC. However, please note that this is an alpha version so minor problems (such as erasing only 70% of your data) are to be expected and thus are not worth reporting.