Source Guru 0.61 - by Patrick Davidson

"Doing The Impossible Since 1999"

Source Guru is a computer program which converts TI-85 assembly source into 68000 assembly source. The purpose is to allow TI-85 games to be automatically ported to the TI-89, TI-92, and TI-92 Plus.

Source Guru is written in C and should run on almost any computer. Download it (170 kilobytes). The program itself is free software under the GNU General Public License.

The current version produces programs that can run at about full speed (in turbo mode), or slightly faster, on the TI-89. Programs will take about 2.2 times the original storage space, and also need 32K of free memory when run. However, it is slower on the TI-92. Within the limitations listed below, most programs should work with it. There is also a slower (normal) mode that avoids the 32K requirement.

Converted Program Download

Here you can download the converted versions of some TI-85 programs. These have been converted with correct settings and (minimally) tested. For the TI-92, you need to run them with Fargo II. For the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus, you should use DoorsOS II or a compatible kernel. A small emulation library (included in each archive) is also needed. The size is listed with the "normal" version's size first, and the "turbo" version's size last. The listed sizes are for the TI-92, but the difference between calculators is very small. All programs here are provided with the permission of the original authors.

Program name OS Original Author Converted size Download TI-92 Download TI-89 Downlaod TI-92 Plus
Jezzball 2.2 ZShell Magnus Svedin 8767 / 7559 70K 70K 70K
Lunoid 7.3 ZShell Patrick Davidson 9712 / 7417 53K 53K 53K
Galaxian 3.0Usgard Patrick Davidson 13390 / 9653 86K 86K 86K

Additional programs will be placed here whenever they work with Source Guru, are permitted to be converted by their authors, and I'm aware of thse facts. If you're interested in seeing a specific, write that to me in E-Mail.


As I mentioned above, the program is still rather limited in what it can convert. Here is a (mostly complete) list of problems:

The Future

Some features that remain to be implemented are:

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