Amazon discounts the Kindle Paperwhite in Canada

Amazon frequently runs sales promotions for the Kindle line of e-readers in the United States, but rarely in Canada. The company has just announced that the Kindle Paperwhite is now on sale for $114 for the 8GB model, the regular price is $139. The 32Gb model is also available for $139, regular price is $169. The entry level Kindle e-reader with a front-light is on sale for a paltry $84.99, the normal everyday retail tag is $119.

Both of these deals are good for Canadians and Good e-Reader has extensively reviewed both of them. The entry level Kindle is ideal for someone who has never had an e-reader before or wants to get the device for a gift for a hardcore reader. The Paperwhite is the better device, it has great hardware specs, a 300 PPI screen, which does make a big difference, is waterproof and the front-lit display has more LED lights, which is ideal for someone who tends to read at night.