Andy Weir has a new novel coming out next Spring

Andy Weir’s most famous book is the Martian, which sold a copious amount of copies and spawned a movie. His second novel came out in 2017 and was titled Artemis, which was a near-future thriller–a heist story set on the moon. His third novel is going to come out in Spring 2021 and is titled Project Hail Mary.

Project Hail Mary will be published by Penguin Random House and according to Ballantine, the novel is about “a lone astronaut who awakens to find himself on a ship deep in space, his crewmates dead and his memories missing. All he knows is that he alone must now complete a desperate, last-chance mission to save the Earth from disaster.”

In the press release for the book, Weir says, “I really cannot wait to get this one in people’s hands in May. It’s hitting a lot of those notes that people responded to with The Martian—but I also went for it in a big way with the science and the speculative aspects, and it took the story in some crazy and exciting new places.”