Good e-Reader Android App Store and E INK Store Updated

For the first time in almost two years the Good e-Reader App Store and Good e-Reader App Store for E INK has received an update. This brings support for Google Android 9, Android 10 and the upcoming Android 11, which is coming out this fall.

One of the big problems with the two App Stores on modern devices is that apps would not download and say you are outside of a WIFI zone, which you are not. We conducted some extensive rewrites of the APK engine, so this problem is now a thing of the past. You can now download apps via the Good e-Reader App store on the modern Hisense phones running Android 10, and also all of the e-readers that have come out this year that are running Android 9. It is also positioned to work on all of the new e-readers/smartphones that will come out next year.

If you are using this app store on an Android 8, Android 9 or Android 10 device, you need to do a few things in order to download apps and for app icons to show. First, download the app via any internet browser and it will say something to the effect that you have to allow app installs from unknown sources and will normally divert you the settings menu to enable this. Once this has been done, you simply need to go to Settings ->Apps -> Permission -> Storage and enable storage permissions for the App Store. Once this is all done, icons will display properly and you can download apps.