Remarkable Marker Plus Pen Review

The Remarkable 2 comes with a free white stylus, but the company also sells the Marker Plus Pen. During the pre-order period you can order the premium pen for a discount, but they currently do not sell it as an accessory you can just purchase, whenever you want. Once the Remarkable 2 stock stabilizes, they will sell the Marker Plus Pen and replacement nibs.

The Marker Plus has an aluminium body and is black. There is an eraser on the top, which is perfect for drawing, annotating PDF files or ebooks. If you are using the stock stylus, it does not have an eraser, so you will have to use the software driven eraser functionality. Both of the styli have magnets inside of them, so they will automatically attach itself to the Remarkable 2, and it’s very strong.

Weight is important when you are writing with a stylus. A 3g plastic stylus is harder to draw with and can slip out of your hands, due to the lack of grip. The Marker Plus weighs 19g, so it has lots of heft. Remarkable also resigned this pen, so it has a better grip, it doesn’t exactly feel like sandpaper, but it is close.

This is the second premium stylus that Remarkable has created. The first was the Marker Signature, which only works no the first generation and does work on the second gen model. The same goes with the Marker Plus, it is not backwards compatible.

How does the stock pen compare to the premium one? The stock pen is made of plastic and weighs 15g. It has a pure white body, whereas the second gen is made of aluminum, has an eraser and is black. Both of the pens have pressure and tilt sensitivity.