Would you buy a refurbished Kindle?

Amazon is frequently offering refurbished deals on their entire line of Kindle e-readers. You can save big for devices that people have returned for a myriad of reasons. Some of had buyers remorse, while others used it for a few days and decided it wasn’t for them. No matter the reason, if you don’t mind a used model, you can save money on being it refurbished.

There are a few different ways you can buy refurbished Kindle e-readers. The first is Amazon owned woot, which tends to only focus on overstock and used items. You can find anything on this site, and every month they have around 30-100 different Kindle models that go on sale, until they are sold out. Here is an example of a 1 day sale. It is important to note that Woot is only available for US customers.

Amazon also sells refurbished Kindle e-readers on their various websites. Amazon.com has a used selection of only 3 devices, but once in awhile there are lots of them listed. The current list focuses on the entry level Kindle and previous generation Kindle Paperwhites.

Ebay is one of the originals, many people used to exclusively shop on this site, before Amazon became a big thing. You can find plenty of every generation of Kindle e-readers, from lightly used, to sealed in the box and never used. Some vendors buy up the woot stock when it goes on sale and lists it on Ebay to get a little bit of profit. Still, you can find lots of deals.

Should you buy a refurbished Kindle? I would only buy the Paperwhite 4, Paperwhite 3, Kindle Basic 10th generation, or 9th generation, Kindle Voyage, or any of the 3 generations of Kindle Oasis. All of these devices still receive regular firmware updates, giving you bug fixes, new features and enhancements.