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I graduated from Thousand Oaks High in 1995, and went right on to UC Berkeley. I dropped out in Dec 1997, and after bumming around for most of a year, found a great position at Nova Development in Calabasas, CA. I quit in January to come back to Berkeley. The web site was better when I was webmaster. I swear.

Since I came back, I've been one of those sick assholes who blows the curve for everyone else. I'm 7 units away from graduating, so will be out of here in December of 2001. I'm looking for a job after that. If you want to hire me, drop me a line. I'm currently TAing CS 162, Operating Systems and System Programming. I'm so cool I even have an office (which I assume I share with twelve other people -- I haven't been there yet).

Me and two
of my cousins

I'm very involved with the libertarian club on campus, Cal Libertarians. I'm webmaster, and got on the front page of the Daily Cal last semester waving a sign saying we support free speech even for Republicans (a very unpopular idea at Cal).

You can also see my résumé and my current class schedule.

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  • Local Telephone: 510-848-7871
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    1644 Prince St. #1
    Berkeley, CA 94703
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    1025 Calle Almendro
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
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