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Here are some sites I recommend to people. I'll be adding more in the future, and will also add my complete bookmark file, once I find a way to convert it to nice looking HTML.

Give me liberty or give me death
I happened to stuble upon Patrick Henry's speech to the continental congress tonight. Reading it again, I'm convinced it's one of the best pieces of political oratory ever written. As poetic as Shakespeare, as impassioned as Martin Luther King.
Cal Libertarians
Libertarian club at UC Berkeley. I'm webmaster, so (most) of the bad design can be blamed on me.
Reason Magazine
Reason puts a lot of good content online, political and social commentary from an anti-government, anti-bullshit, anti-anti-science perspective.
So what is libertarianism? I could write some long explaination, but it's been done, and done very well at Breadth and depth, and doesn't promote one particular variety of insanity libertarianism.
Online humor magazine. Very funny, along the lines of National Lampoon. Common targets include religion, politicians, and the type of people who watch (and appear on) Jerry Springer. They also occasionally post something that's funny without being offensive to anyone, but don't count on it. Updated every Wednesday.
The Internet Movie Database
Just think -- ten years ago, if someone needed to know whether the guy who directed Fifth Element has done any other science fiction movies, they would have had to actually crack open a book. Now, you just look it up on IMDb. Answer: well, something that might qualify as cyberpunk from the plot description, but probably just some French artsy crap (Kamikaze 1986).
The Low Beyond
Visionary? Or sci-fi fan who's done too much acid? Not sure, but there's a lot of reading material here for anyone interested in how to bring about Vinge's Singularity (read the page for an explaination of what this is).

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