Zachary Viet Pine

all songs written 2016


edm / electric

I read too much in her lips.
I thought they meant me a message.
I thought her too shy to send it
so she sent me a kiss.

It was a kiss that would run me red
in the black of a discotheque.
Like the salt that was on her neck,
I tasted too much of it




Let's start a fire and
burn the grass and burn the brush
and burn what was
the two of us to dust.

Poor California,
beautiful and all carved up
with what we've done to ya.



art pop

one o one
driving on
way past Sausolito
nausea in a rental car

some rich man's farm
with a valley view
care of the Sierra Club

where the water pulls the
skin tight up against your bones
and the Chinese freighters
disappear into the smoke

that's where we are