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DENIM is a sketch-based web site and user interface prototyping tool.

* DENIM/SILK Visual Language Project

Group for User Interface Research
at UC Berkeley

Virtual Environments for Surgical Training and Augmentation
at UC Berkeley and UCSF

Advanced Display and Spatial Perception Laboratory
NASA Ames Research Center

Personal stuff

Links to groups with whom I am affiliated


Who am I

I am a graduate student in the Cognitive and Perceptual Sciences Program at UCSB. I am a member of the Interactive Digital Multimedia Research Group.

I got my Bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley, studying Cognitive Science emphasizing in both computational modeling and cognitive psychology.

My resume [html] , PDF   Word Document

My CV [html] , PDF   Word Document

My portfolio.

My current advisor is Professor Mary Hegarty.

I graduated from Santa Teresa High School in 2000.

Fun Stuff

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Note: The format and content of this page is strikingly similar to that of my Graduate Student Mentor James Lin.

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