Peter Sujan

I am currently a master's student in the Statistics department at UC Berkeley, where I also completed a B.A. in 2015.


I am interested in topics at the intersection of statistics and computer science, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as Bayesian statistics. I recently started contributing to an R package developed at Berkeley called NIMBLE. This semester, I'll be a GSI for Data Science 8, a really cool new course being developed as part of Berkeley's Data Science Education Program.

As an undergrad, I worked in the Robot Learning Lab under Professor Pieter Abbeel, working on problems in robotic exploration, grasping, and target tracking.

I've also gotten the chance to contribute to the Beauty and Joy of Computing project, both as a teaching assistant for Berkeley's CS10 course, and as a curriculum developer. We're holding a version of the course on edX this fall!


Active Exploration using Trajectory Optimization for Robotic Grasping in the Presence of Occlusions
Gregory Kahn, Peter Sujan, Sachin Patil, Shaunak D. Bopardikar, Julian Ryde, Ken Goldberg, Pieter Abbeel
Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation - ICRA, 2015.

Links and Other Info

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