Mudd Clubb Newsletter #1

PO Box 16606
Seattle, WA 98116

Your very own hands are now holding the first official Mudhoney newsletter (some unruly types are attempting to defame it as unofficial - that's OK - we can accept their feelings too!) The lovely portrait of the brothers Mud was created by Adam Williamson (age 7). Rumors abound that he is also a relative of the infamous James, but research thus far has been inconclusive. If you have a cool doodle of the band why don't you send it to us? Who knows, maybe we could print it in a future mailing? Upcoming newsletters will include such things as tour info, discography, merchandise catalog, messages from the band, and perhaps some fab drawings of the Mud guys by noted artist Ethan (Adam's younger brother who will admit no relation to James whatsoever!) Our buddy, Wally Liedke, has put in loads of hours getting things organized so that we can get this important piece of mail to your home. Thanks Wally!

New Mudhoney T-shirts are in the works as is a catalog of fun stuff. Until then your Mudhoney merchandise mania can be satisfied by writing to:

Tannis Root Productions
PO Box 28736
Raleigh, NC 27611

Thanks for being patient and we'll be sending something else soon. The newsletter is free (thus far) so you might as well tell your friends to send us their addresses so that they won't miss out on the next vital Mudhoney newsletter.

Mudnews - immaterial issue #1
Winter '94

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Hey You!

Welcome to the first Mudhoney "fan club" newsletter. I know it's long overdue. We get too much mail to realistically answer personally. So I guess the best thing to do (instead of not answering at all) is to answer impersonally. If it's any consolation, we do read each letter. We do enjoy reading what you have to say; everything from a friendly "howdy" to "You used to be my favorite band in the whole world, but now you suck." Our pal,, Blair Williamson (a nephew of James Williamson) will be handling the day to day workings of the Fan Club. Also, if you've been contemplating suicide, 'cuz Kurdt did it (or whatever) try calling a crisis prevention hot-line in your area. I'm sure that they're much better equipped to deal with it that we are.

Anyway, we just finished recording our new album "My Brother the Cow." It should come out around March of 1995. We recorded it at The Ranch with Jack Endino doing all the engineering and producing type stuff. You might remember Jack. He recorded our first full-length album, as well as the "Superfuzz Bigmuff" e.p., and our early singles (including "Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More"). It was great working with Jack again. Since he's been there from the beginning, he h of what we're all about. And he (like both Conrad Uno and Kurt Bloch) let us be us (as if we'd have it any other way).

We brought in a couple of highly paid ringers to do some playing for us. John Wahl (Clawhammer) blew a wicked harp on one number, and Renestair E.J. (Bloodloss) laid down some screaming tenor sax on another.

The Ranch is this really cool room which is located in the basement of the Store Room tavern on Eastlake. The Store Room's got a great jukebox: Fear, Bob Wills, Crucifucks, Nick Cave etc. If you're in the area, stop by and have a beer. Tell 'em Mudhoney sent ya.

Oh yeah, for you tech-head trivia buffs. "My Brother the Cow" was mixed onto 1/2 inch analog tape at Hanzek Audio (the same place we recorded "Five Dollar Bob's..."). The vinyl version of the new record will be mastered and pressed on all analog equipment. We're not quite sure where yet, though. That's gonna be the tough part.

Also the cover art is being worked on (as I type) by Mr. Fotheringham, who gave the world the drawing for "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" and "Piece of Cake." The cover will also include at least one lovely Charles Peterson photo.

So, I bet you've been wondering, "Besides writing and recording their fabulous fourth full-length album, what have the wonderful folks in Mudhoney been up to?"

Well, Steve's been busy with Super Electro Sound Recordings; his very own label. He just released the awesome new Fall-Outs lp (and CD) "Sleep." For more on what Super Electro has to offer write P.O. Box 20401, Seattle, WA 98102. It's way happening. Dan drummed with the Fastbacks on tow songs on their new album "Answer the Phone Dummy." Go get it now. Matt's been locked in his house making home-brew and baking with herbs. I've been playing with Martin Bland (Monkeywrench), Renestair E.J., and Guy Maddison in Bloodloss. We've got a 10 inch coming out sometime on Sympathy for the Record Industry called "Ten Solid Rocking Inches of Rock-Solid Rock."

That's pretty much it for now. We'll get you more info as soon as we get it.

Until then, be careful; the stupid people are taking over.

Good luck,
Mark Arm
P.O. Box 16606
Seattle, WA 98116