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Mudhoney Recordings
If you have any live recordings of Mudhoney or related bands that you believe haven't been circulated, please get in touch. Especially if they're not fully accounted for in the Tourbook.

Wednesday, January 20
Green River Tourbook

Added two more acts to the bill for 11/??/85 Green River, Hoboken NJ in the Tourbook. (Thanks to John K.)

Thursday, January 7
Moneywrench Reissue

The Monkeywrench have reissued Electric Children on vinyl, via Bang! Records ( You can no doubt get your copy at finer music retailers. This happened last year but slipped under the radar. (Thanks to Dean B.)

Friday, January 1
Happy Birthday, Mudhoney!

33 years in!

Mudhoney had some plans for 2020, and then covid came. They got one show in, and cancelled tours of the Western U.S. and Canada, and Europe. Hopefully those can go on in 2021.

They did manage some releases, both for Mudhoney and for side projects. You can see those by perusing through the prior year's updates.

Today also marks the 23rd anniversary of this website. That's a long time! Thanks to everyone who wrote in to contribute information to this site over the past year (and the previous 21). It's always appreciated, and you can do it at

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