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Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Live Mudhoney Recording: Mudhoney have a live recording of 'What to do with the Neutral?' on the soundtrack to the film The Glamour and the Squalor, released digitally and on CD on September 1, via Lakeshore Records. Mudhoney recorded the song during their appearance on KNDD radio on 4/1/13.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Mark and Steve in Documentary: Mark and Steve (and Alex and Jeff from Green River) have been interviewed for a documentary on the band Tales of Terror. Green River released a cover of the band's 'Ozzie,' and Mudhoney has a song called 'Tales of Terror' (because that song reminded them of the band). No release date is set. More information is available on the documentary's Facebook page.

Sunday, August 3, 2014
Bundle of Hiss Release: On September 8, Soul Jazz will release No Seattle: Forgotten Sounds of the North-West Grunge Era 1986-97 on double-CD and LP. The release will include 'Wench' from Dan's former band Bundle of Hiss, which is the last song they recorded and has not been previously released.

Saturday, July 26, 2014
My Brother the Cow LP Reissue: On August 11, Music on Vinyl is reissuing the My Brother the Cow LP on 180 gram vinyl, along with the bonus 7" that came with the original record. The first 1,000 copies are on white vinyl (both records). Warner Bros. Europe made the licensing agreement with Music on Vinyl for the reissue and the band isn't directly involved. Steve and Dan, commenting on the bonus 7" in 2000:
Steve: We were really drunk. We were almost done in the studio with My Brother the Cow in 1995.... We decided we were going to record these stupid little snippets of music and maybe use them as a free 7-inch. We just thought the idea of a wasted 7-inch would be great. "Hey, bonus record. Ah, it sucks." We just recorded these little things with horrible effects on every instrument. Mark was playing the Farfisa. I was going through some kind of ring modulator envelope filter and so was the bass so everything sounded really bad -- new wave or art rock or something. Then we did the vocals later. This is the shortest one on the 7-inch, but it's the funniest.

Dan: We each took turns fucking with the voices after the music was recorded. I had just been informed by my wife that I was talking in my sleep. She's like, "You were talking in your sleep last night." She said that I said, "Muscle on up to the bar, sailor, and have another beer," which became the lyrics for this. Lord knows what I was thinking about in my dreams.

Friday, March 29, 2013
Mudhoney on Compilation: Mudhoney has a song, 'I Like it Small,' on Sub Pop's free Termianl Sales Vol. 6: The Silver Ticket compilation CD for Record Store Day, on April 18. 'I Like it Small' also appears on the new album, Vanishing Point. The full tracklist for Terminal Sales Vol. 6 is as follows:
  1. The Ruby Suns 'In Real Life'
  2. Shabazz Palaces 'Recollections of the Wraith (The Helio Sequence remix)'
  3. Pissed Jeans 'Bathroom Laughter'
  4. Survival Knife 'Name That Tune'
  5. Low 'So Blue (So Young)'
  6. Mudhoney 'I Like It Small'
  7. The Postal Service 'A Tattered Line of String'
  8. Ed Schrader's Music Beat .Radio Eyes'
  9. Shearwater & Sharon Van Etten 'A Wake for the Minotaur'
  10. Still Corners 'Berlin Lovers'
  11. The Baptist Generals 'Dog That Bit You'
  12. Condominium 'Show Them'
  13. Rose Windows 'Native Dreams'
  14. METZ 'Dirty Shirt'
  15. Total Control 'Scene from a Marriage'
  16. King Tuff 'Screaming Skull'
  17. Father John Misty 'Nothing Hurts Worse'
  18. Sera Cahoone 'Nervous Wreck'
  19. Daughn Gibson 'Lite Me Up'

Friday, February 8, 2013
Mark on Record: Mark is signing a song - The Scientists' 'Set it on Fire' - on the Melvins' covers record, Everybody Loves Sausages, out April 30 on Ipecac Recordings. Mudhoney previously released a cover of the Scientists' 'We Had Love' on a Scientists tribute record in 1993.

Thursday, February 7, 2013
Vanishing Point Vinyl: Sub Pop has posted a photo of the first edition of the Vanishing Point LP (out April 2) on clear smoke vinyl: instagram.com. The color vinyl is guaranteed to pre-order purchasers. The record will be pressed on black for subsequent editions.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Extras for Mudhoney Video Shoot: Mudhoney has a video shoot for 'I Like it Small' next weekend, and the video directors are looking for extras. From the directors:

Mudhoney video shoot February 16th 8pm-11pm in South Seattle! We need lots of extras! No pay but you will get pizza, soda and beer. Please RSVP to mudvidextras@gmail.com for details and say how many you are bringing. Spread the word!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mark to Read Audiobook: Mark will be one of several musicians to each read a chapter for the audiobook of Danny Bland's In Case We Die. The book will be available in the Summer, and more information is available at the Publisher's website, fantagraphics.com.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Album Tracklist: The Track listing for Vanishing Point (out April 2 on Sub Pop) is as follows:

  1. Slipping Away
  2. I Like it Small
  3. What to Do with the Neutral
  4. Chardonnay
  5. The Final Course
  6. In this Rubber Tomb
  7. I Don't Remember You
  8. The Only Son of the Widow from Nain
  9. Sing this Song of Joy
  10. Douchebags on Parade

The album will be available on CD and LP.

Thursday, January 10, 2013
New Single: As part of the Melvins' "Sugar Daddy Live" series, The Melvins and Mudhoney will release a split-12" single. Mudhoney will contribute five live songs, recorded September, 2001: If I Think, I'm Now, Judgment Rage..., The Open Mind, and Tales of Terror. The record will be pressed on clear vinyl, and should be avilable within a week from Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Thursday, January 10, 2013
New Promo Photos: Mudhoney have two new promo photos, both of which were taken by Mark's wife, Emily Reiman:

New promo photo #1. New album, Vanishing Point, out Apr 2. twitter.com/_Mudhoney/stat.

— Mudhoney (@_Mudhoney) January 10, 2013

New promo photo #2. Check out Mark's belt. twitter.com/_Mudhoney/stat.

— Mudhoney (@_Mudhoney) January 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
New Record: The new Mudhoney album, Vanishing Point, will be released by Sub Pop on April 2. The album was recorded by Johnny Sangster at Avast! in Seattle in Aril and October, and mastered by Bob Weston. Songs for the album include:

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Recording Update: Mudhoney will lay down some overdubs this week (including organ), and has time booked to mix the record in three weeks. Once that's done, the record should be done, save for mastering and artwork. Songs for the record that haven't been played live include In this Rubber Tomb, and March of the Douchebags.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
Monkeywrench LP: The Monkeywrench's 2008 record Gabriel's Horn is now available on LP through Bang! Records. Previously, the album was available only on CD. Bang! Records releases can be obtained through Munsturama and other fine music retailers. The LP is limited to 600 copies.

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Recording Update: Mudhoney now have 12 songs recorded for a new album. They still need to put some overdubs and final vocals on a few of them.

Monday, September 10, 2012
New DVD: On November 13, !K7 Records will release Live in Berlin, 1988, a DVD of the band's 10/10/88 performance. Three songs from this show have previously been released on video ('Need,' 'If I Think,' and 'In N Out of Grace'), and the full show was released on audio as part of Superfuzz Bigmuff: Deluxe Edition.
The press release:

On November 13th, !K7 Records will release Mudhoney: Live In Berlin, 1988 on DVD. The footage, filmed by a professional camera crew at 1988's Berlin Independent Days festival and only recently rediscovered, captures the Seattle Grunge pioneers' first ever performance on foreign soil. Playing as representatives of Sub Pop Records to a crowd of curious punters, critics and members of Europe's independent music community, the show was also the first Grunge gig in Europe, laying essential groundwork for the genre's subsequent global domination.

Besides its historical importance, Mudhoney: Live In Berlin, 1988 presents one of the greatest rock'n'roll groups of all time at their very best, a glorious mess of flailed hair, acidic caterwaul, gnarly riffage and fried guitar skronk as Mudhoney tear through material from their epochal (but then-unreleased) Superfuzz Bigmuff EP and eponymous debut album.

Wild, thrilling, and funny-as-fuck, much like Mudhoney themselves, the performance captures an unguarded moment for the band, removed from the expectations and hyperbole that would later accompany the Grunge movement they unwittingly helped kick off. "We couldn't understand quite why this was happening, why ours was the band that was flying out, or what was going on," remembers Mudhoney vocalist and guitarist Mark Arm. "We'd only played Portland, outside of Seattle, at that point," says Arm. "And to be flown out to Berlin to play a show, at that point, seemed almost like a joke to us." Little did they know they know their off the cuff performance, enlightening and eye opening for the industry professionals in attendance, would have such long standing consequences in Rock 'n' Roll history.

A testament to the enduring vitality of the independent music scene, the release happens along side the 27th anniversary of !K7, a Berlin-based independent label and distributor with offices in New York and London, and an internationally renowned purveyor of electronic music in particular. In its early days, !K7 also served as a video production company run by label-owner Horst Weidenmüller, whose crew filmed a number of performances from that year's Berlin Independent Days festival. Weidenmüller recently rediscovered the Mudhoney footage, realising that he held in his hands a crucial rock 'n' roll document that had to be shared with the world.

Monday, July 2, 2012
Mudhoney Documentary Screenings: The Mudhoney documentary, I'm Now (mudhoneymovie.com), will have the following screenings, with more to be announced:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Mudhoney Documentary Availability: The Mudhoney documentary, I'm Now, will be released on DVD/digital rental in the late Summer or early Fall. There will also be a handful of screenings in the U.S., with likely cities including New York City, Chicago, and Portland. mudhoneymovie.com has details on the film.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Mudhoney Documentary Premiere: The Mudhoney documentary, I'm Now, will premiere at the Triple Door in Seattle on June 8. Tickets are available at thetripledoor.net

Friday, April 20, 2012
Mudhoney to Record: Mudhoney have seven new songs, which they will record in the next few weeks with Johnny Sangster at Avast! This will be the start of their new record.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Guy's Top 10: As part of Sub Pop's top-10 lists for 2011, Guy contributes the top 10 songs his daughter Coco, who was born in 2011, likes to dance to:
How about top ten songs baby Coco (six months old) likes to dance to?
  1. Top of the Pop, by the Rezillos
  2. Constantinople by The Residents
  3. Concrete Jungle, By the Specials
  4. Reet Petitie by Jackie Wilson
  5. I Can.t Lose by Obits
  6. Blue Snow by Orange Goblin.
  7. Here comes your Man by the Pixies
  8. Get off the Phone by Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers
  9. Neat Neat Neat by the Damned.
and of course #10 Papa.s got a brand new Bag, by James Brown.

Monday, August 29
Unreleased Bloodloss Songs: Mark and Guy's Bloodloss is posting previously-unreleased songs to its Facebook page.

Wednesday, May 4
Another Mudhoney Brand Beer: Fresh on the heels of Elysian's Loser IPA is Burnt Hickory Brewery's (burnthickorybrewery.com) Sweet Young Thing Ale. From the Brewery:
BREWERY ANNOUNCEMENT! Welcome MUDHONEY. The great NW grunge/sludge/Blue Cheer/Wipers/Hep Cat band ever to the list of BHB band beers! ...Brewing in 3 weeks... a MAJOR honey brown ale. Sweet Young Thing Ale. Thanks to Steve and the guys for making this happen! Again.. like ALL BHB band beers.. this is VERY LIMITED and is NOT for sale. Can't say a few get out to some of the fans!! So pay attention!!

Tuesday, April 19
Movie Re-Released: We Got Power Films will re-release the long out-of-print 1991: The Year Punk Broke on DVD in the fall. The movie was previously only available on VHS. The movie documents the 1991 European festival performances that Nirvana and Sonic Youth made. Mudhoney also played several of those shows, and so are occasionally in the film.

Monday, April 11
Another Steve Release: Amphetamine Reptile has released a CD of Steve's performance with the Pysch-Optic Trio, comprising him, Duane Denison of the Jesus Lizard and HAZE XXL of Halo of Flies. The CD comes packaged with the HAZE-XXL: Cuts that Handicap book (AmRep BK02) and is part of an edition of 100. The Psych-Optic Trio CD comprises a recording of their 1/15/11 performance in Costa Mesa, CA in conjunction with the Psych-Optic Black Light Fuzz art installation. The package is available from amphetaminereptile.com.

Monday, April 4
Steve on Compilation: On April 15, Thick Syrup Records will release '78 LTD, a compilation CD featuring 'Summertime,' a new song from Steve. Ordering information is available from the Thick Syrup website. The track listing is as follows:
  1. thirty 6 - Damien Jurado
  2. dash dash dash - Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore/Free Kitten)
  3. Let Your Heart Decide It - Noise Addict (Ben Lee,Lou Barlow & Lara Meyerratken)
  4. Pilot on Fire - Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam/Soundgarden)
  5. E9 - Stephen Egerton(The Descendents)
  6. Pump It Up - Brothers of the Sonic Cloth(TAD)
  7. No One To Love [Parts 1 & 2] - Mike Johnson(Dinosaur Jr.)
  8. The Trip - Bob Bert(Pussy Galore/Sonic Youth)
  9. Sweet Honey Pie - Mike Watt + The Missing men
  10. I Can Wait Forever - BMX Bandits
  11. Summertime - Steve Turner(Mudhoney)
  12. 36 Perfect Ways I Ching of Love - Jad Fair & Ken Stringfellow (Jad-Half Japanese)(Ken-Posies/R.E.M./Big Star)
  13. Remember Adam's Fall - Don Fleming(Gumball)
  14. A King In Milwaukee [Part 1] - David Greenberger And Paul Cebar
  15. Bitch I Love You - Blag Dahlia(The Dwarves)
  16. Love Is A Rainbow - Francis Macdonald(Teenage Fanclub)
  17. Tame Cassadies - Joy By Proxy
  18. Spookshow - Adil Omar w/ Penn Jillette
  19. Real Bad Man - The Deadnotes + The Legend!(Everett True)
  20. Don't Put Your Finger In the Fan - David Fair(Half Japanese)
Tuesday, February 15 (Updated 2/20/11)
Green River News: From Green River's Myspace page:

2/20/11 Update: They've recanted:

The person who was taking care of this "official" page is no longer running it as of today. Should any recording, shows, tours, etc. actually be in the works we will let you know. As opposed to the prior blog there are no such plans at this time.

The original post:

The Latest Scuttlebutt

New Recording In the Works?
The other day some of the guys got together to trade new riffs for new Green River songs to possibly record. They are still in the early stages, but the songs seem to be in the up-tempo scale of things at the moment. We'll see how it all goes as it all smooths out.

A Possible Mudhoney / Green River Split Single?
There has been an offer for Mudhoney to do a 7-inch single which may actually turn out to become a split Mudhoney / Green River 7-inch.

And, of course, there has been a push on for them to play more shows.

Friday, January 14
Head on the Curb Track List and Ordering Info: The track list for Head on the Curb, along with the provenance of the songs:
Side A: Side B:
All recordings save for 'I Hate the Bloody Queen' are previously unreleased. With the record being released on January 18, it will be available shortly from Birdman Records at birdmanrecords.com (Also available from Birdman is The Monkeywrench's Gabriel's Horn record).

Sunday, January 2
New Original Sonic Sound Record on Vinyl: Jackpot Records is re-releasing the New Original Sonic Sound record on LP. The record was originally released on CD-only in 2000. The band features Mark, Dan, and Steve playing songs that The Sonics recorded.

Saturday, December 4 (Updated 12/9/10)
Record with Kim Salmon: In 2011, Bang! Records will release the record that Mark, Matt, and Dan made with Kim Salmon in 1995. They recorded eight songs (give or take) in Seattle. Mark had a few comments about the record at the time:
[Interviewer]: What is happening with the stuff you are doing with Kim Salomon [sic]?
[Mark]: Not much at this point.
- Cybertalk Interview, 2/16/96
"It was great hanging out with Kim Salmon, too. I'm a huge Scientists fan, but his trip, at the time we got together, was too pop for my liking."
- B.B. Gun, 1997

Saturday, December 4 (Last Updated 12/9/10)
New Old Bloodloss Record: In 2011, Mark and Guy's Bloodloss will release Lost My Head for Drink, the record they recorded in 1996. The record was recently mixed by Johnny Sangster, and mastered by Mell Dettmer. Dirty Knobby will release it in the U.S. in February or March (in a pressing of 1,000), and Bang! Records will release it in Spain. The record will be vinyl-only from both labels, and currently Dirty Knobby will include a mp3 download coupon with the LP. There are plans to make the record available via iTunes, as well. He also talked about the record at the time:
What's up with Bloodloss?
Nothing. We're on an extended vacation. Ren's in Culver City living in a halfway house. Things were getting pretty hairy. We're all very happy that Ren's getting his shit together. We recorded 16 songs with John Goodmanson, most of which sound great. there are a few things that need fixing, but we can wait until Ren's ready. It'll probably come out on In The Red within the next five years.
- B.B. Gun, 1997

Wednesday, November 24 (Last Updated 12/21/10)
New Mudhoney Record: On January 18, Sutro Park Records will release the vinyl-only Head on the Curb LP. The record will be composed of outtakes and demos from the Reprise era of 1992-1999, which encompasses Piece of Cake, Five Dollar Bob's Mock Cooter Stew, My Brother the Cow, and Tomorrow Hit Today. Amazon.com has an early listing for the record. This article summarizes the Reprise-era demos and outtakes.

The following is a press release that gives some detail about the record:

This vinyl-only release is mid-period Mudhoney at its rawest. Original bass player Matt Lukin is in top form, as is the rest of the classic lineup, blasting out songs and ideas, some of which went on to be studio-fied for their Warner Bros. debut Piece Of Cake, while others got lost to the dark crevices of time-until now. Besides the cover of SCTV classic "I Hate The Bloody Queen" [sic], these recordings have never been released, and represent a sonic assault that is pure Mudhoney. Raw, unabashed, and sometimes downright no-fi. Head On The Curb writes a new chapter into Mudhoney's legendary past.

Also noted is that the record will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl.

The cover photograph is from a photo taken by Charles Peterson at the Northgate Mall in Seattle in 1989. Another shot from the session was used for the cover of the 'You Got it' single.

Monday, November 22 (Updated 11/23/10)
New Mudhoney Music: Mudhoney has recorded a new song, which is being used in the new show Brew Masters, about the Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, on the Discovery Channel. The show's website is http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/brew-masters. Digfish Head Brewery is not to be confused with Seattle's Elysian Brewing, makers of the fine Mudhoney Brand Beer.

11/23/10 Update: The Brew Masters opening credits, featuring Mudhoney's song, 'Swimming in Beer,' are up on Youtube. Mudhoney recorded a fast version and a slow version of the song, both of which are about 30 seconds long. The opening credits contain the fast version of the song.

Monday, November 22 (Updated 11/24/10)
Mark in Documentary: Mark appears in the documentary Wheedle's Groove, which looks at soul and funk music in 1960's Seattle (also appearing, Kenny G). Mark discusses the music's influence on later rock 'n' roll music to come out of the area. More information on the documentary is available at wheedlesgroovemovie.com.

11/24/10 Update: The film may be watched at kcts9.org through December 2, and will be broadcast on KCTS-TV in Seattle at 3pm PST on Thursday, November 25.

Monday, October 18
Mudhoney Brand Beer: Elysian Brewing has brought back its seasonal Loser Pale Ale, featuring Mark and Steve on the label. The beer was originally created for Sub Pop's 20th Anniversary party on 7/12-13/08, and has since been brought back on occasion. The beer should be available in WA, OR, ID, AK, Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, and Denver.

Thursday, October 14
Mudhoney Contribute to Nirvan Exhibit: The Experience Music Project in Seattle will stage a Nirvana exhibit, to open April 16, 2011. Mark and STeve both contribute oral histories to the exhibit, titled 'Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses.'

Wednesday, October 13 (Updated 10/14/10)
Mark Appearance: On October 30 in Seattle, Mark will appear as part of Teatro Zinzanni's Mezzo Lunatico, performing an original song. Hosting will be El Vez, who has myriad Mudhoney connections - both having shared the cover of the Seattle Weekly with the band in 2002, and opened for Mudhoney on 9/18/90 as part of The Zeroes.

Update: or perhaps Mark will perform a few proto-punk songs, like from The Stooges or Roxy Music, accompanied by a four-piece jazz band. No one is quite sure.

Wednesday, August 25 (Updated 8/26/10)
New Thrown Ups Song: The Thrown Ups have a new song - 'Stoopid Doom' - released by Amphetamine Reptile. It's available as part of the Dope Guns & Fucking in the Streets Vol. 12 2x45 which is available only at the Amphetamine Reptile 25th Anniversary festival this weekend in Minneapolis. It's also generally available as part of the AmRep 25th Non-Collector Scum CD (9030-CD0001), which is sold via the AmRep website.

The song is released here for the first time, but is from an Old Thrown Ups session. Jack Endino found it on a cassette in the state-of-the-art Thrown Ups archives.

Friday, August 13
Mudhoney on Compilation Record: Critical Mass will release In Search of Hawkwind - a tribute to the band - on CD on September 27th. Mudhoney's contribution is their 2002 BBC Session recording of 'Urban Guerilla.' The full track listing is:

  1. Kinski - Master of the Universe
  2. Mugstar - Born to Go
  3. Magoo - Space is Deep
  4. Bardo Pond - Lord of Light
  5. Mudhoney - Urban Guerilla
  6. Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno - Brainstorm
  7. Moon Duo - Hurry on Sundown
  8. White Hills - Be Yourself
  9. Mugstar - Paradox
Wednesday, March 31
Mark Movie Released: Stealing Rich, a movie in which Mark appears was released on March 24. It's available from amazon.com and finer retailers everywhere. The trailer is on youtube.com.

Released on DVD on June 3 last year was Swelter in Vogue, a short film in which Mark appears. It's also available from amazon.com ($15.00 for 12 minutes) and finer retailers.

Still to be released is Mark's Calamari Union. It also has a trailer on youtube.com

Monday, March 22
Sap Reissued: Alice in Chains' Sap EP will be re-issed this month as a two-record set with their Jar of Flies EP by the Music on Vinyl label (MOVLP086). Mark sings on 'Right Turn' on the Sap EP. The records will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl, and limited to 2,000 copies.

Wednesday, March 10
"New" Bloodloss Record: Bloodloss are looking to release the unreleased record they worked on in 1997. According to Martin Bland, Renestair E.J. has returned to Seattle, and they're moving forward with releasing it. It still needs to be mixed.

Wednesday, March 10
SP20 Record: Sub Pop will release SP20: Casual Nostalgia Fest (SP879) on April 17, for Record Store Day. The CD will contain performances from the SP20 Festival on 7/12-13/08, including Green River's 'Leech,' and Mudhoney's 'The Open Mind.' 'Leech' has never been released in any form. recordstoreday.com has a list of participating record stores.

Tuesday, February 2
Mark in Movie: Mark makes an appearance in the film Do You Love Me Like I Love You: The Good Son. The film features people explaining what the songs on Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' record The Good Son mean to them.

Wednesday, January 20
Possible Live Recordings: Sub Pop may release a record of live performances from the S>P20 festival, at which both Mudhoney and Green River performed.

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