Mudhoney Tourbook

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The tourbook is an attempt to catalog all of Mudhoney's live performances, as well as the live performances of selected Mudhoney-related bands. It is divided up by year (listed above). Relatively little of the information in here was gathered first hand, and if you can make any corrections or additions, any and all help is appreciated. You can contact me at ptn@ocf.berkeley.edu.

A note on completeness: It is believed that the Tourbook contains a listing for every show from 1996 to the present. Prior to that, various isolated shows are unaccounted for and there are large gaps in the following tours: a February 1989 West Coast tour, dates across America in the Summer and Fall of 1989, a June 1990 European tour, a summer 1990 US tour, a November 1990 West Coast tour, a fall 1991 US tour supported by Gas Huffer and a Spring 1992 tour of Southeast Asia.

The Brotherhood of Electric, DKT/MC5, Monkeywrench, New Original Sonic Sound, Press Corps, and Steve Turner tourbooks are believed to be complete - if they played a show, it's noted there. The Green River tourbook is complete-ish. Certainly, it's safe to say that it's the World Wide Web's premiere Green River tourbook.

All of the current touring plans for Mudhoney and related bands can be found on the Tour Page.