Mudhoney Tourbook, 1988

4/19/88 The Vogue. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Das Damen, Blood Circus
Notes: Mudhoney's first public performance, appearing unadvertized. The Vogue was at 2018 1st Ave. Mark: "Our first real gig was opening for Das Damen."

5/13/88 The OK Hotel. Seattle, WA (CANCELLED)
Supporting: Blood Circus
Notes: This show was advertised, but it appears that Mudhoney did not perform (with Swallow performing instead of Mudhoney). This would be Mudhoney's second-ever show, but Mark has said that 5/18/88 was their second-ever show. The OK Hotel was at 212 Alaskan Way S.

5/18/88 The Vogue. Seattle, WA
Supporting: White Zombie
Notes: Mudhoney's second public performance. This was back when White Zombie was considered a New York "art" band.

5/20/88 The Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supporting: White Zombie
Also on Bill: The Witnesses
Notes: Mudhoney's third public performance. The Satyricon was located at 125 NW 6th Ave.

6/8/88 The Alamo. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Blood Circus
Notes: Mudhoney's fourth public performance. Mark recalls: "I remember the Alamo! It was a Mexican joint that served beer in Pioneer Square. It was in the triangular section east of 1st Ave between Yesler/James and Cherry, around where the Underground Tour starts (probably a couple doors south of that) [Ed. note: 608 1st Ave]. It wasn't a regular venue when it was the Alamo, but it did have shows for a while (Tad hosted a "grunge" night there for a bit). In the early 80s it used to be a bar where New Wave bands like the Heats and No Cheese Please used to play called Hibble & Hydes. The tiny stage was between the entrance and the wall and the bands set up with their backs to the window. People passing by had full view the drummer from behind."

7/2/88 The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Soundgarden, The Fluid

7/8/88 The Seattle Boxing Club. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Blood Circus, Swallow
Set: Touch Me I'm Sick, In 'N' Out of Grace (set incomplete)
Notes: This is the first show for which any songs are known, so they play 'Touch Me I'm Sick' and 'In N Out of Grace' for the first known time. This show was a record release party for the 'Touch Me I'm Sick' single (and possibly the Blood Circus and Swallow singles that Sub Pop released this summer). The guys are all wearing blue beads and playing blue instruments. Mark, Matt and Steve all wear matching Fluid t-shirts, and Steve is drinking Gatorade throughout the show - two things that people in the crowd see reason to heckle the band over.. At one point one of the guys wraps the most pit in saran wrap. In 'N' Out of Grace closes the show. In a 2/00 Spin Online interview, Steve remembered about the show: "We hadn't played a show yet. By July we played a big show with, I think, Blood Circus and Catt Butt at the Boxing Club, a gay bar where they didn't have many shows. It was sold out, lines around the block, fire marshalls were there. The interest in these brand new bands that didn't have any [records] out took people by surprise. The local scene was starting to explode all of the sudden." The Seattle Boxing Club was located at 1011 E Pike St. This was an all-ages show at a non-traditional venue - The Seattle Boxing Club was an actual boxing gym, but also with some sort of sex dungeon in the basement.

7/16/88 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supported By: Blood Circus, Sweaty Nipples
Notes: It's possible that only one of these two July shows at Satyricon occurred. This comes from a July show listing that omits the other show (which may have been added after the flyer was printed).

7/27/88 Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supported By: Blood Circus, The Terminally Hip
Notes: Tickets were $2 for this weeknight show on a Wednesday.

7/??/88 The Vogue. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Blood Circus

7/??/88 The Vogue. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Blood Circus

8/19/88 Squid Row. Seattle, WA
Supported By: TAD, The Derelicts
Notes: Squid Row was located at 518 E Pine St.

9/23/88 The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Supporting: The Fastbacks
Also on Bill: The Walkabouts, Terry Lee Hale
Notes: Charles Peterson took the photo for the cover of Superfuzz Bigmuff at this show.

9/24/88 (Western Washington University Campus). Bellingham, WA
Also on Bill: TAD

9/27/88 The Vogue. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Das Damen

9/30/88 The Satyricon. Portland, OR
Supported By: The Obituaries, Wooden Soldier

10/1/88 The Peacock. Corvallis, OR
Also on Bill: Gas

10/2/88 The Pine Street Theatre. Portland, OR

10/10/88 "Berlin Independence Days Music Festival". Ecstasy. Berlin, Germany (45 min)
Also on Bill: NOFX
Set: No One Has, Sweet Young Thing..., Need, Chain That Door, If I Think, Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, Touch Me I'm Sick, In 'N' Out of Grace
Notes: This is their first show for which there's a complete setlist, so they perform most of these songs for the first known time. This festival was sponsored by the former government of East Germany, which also featured a performance by Les Thugs. Mark opens with, "Hi! Hi! It's great to be here! Hi! We're from America! Howdy!" Before Need, Mark instructs the crowd to, "pull down your pants if you like us." After no one complies, Mark remarks, "no one likes us." In a 2/00 Spin Online interview, Steve remembered about the show: "We were flown over to Berlin by their government for the Berlin Independence days, just one show. It was unbelieveable. It's this big music festival with independent artists of all different types. European countries fund their arts so much better. They actually view art as importnant somehow. So we were flown over there and Bruce and Jonathan from Sub Pop went with us and we couldn't believe that somebody would do that. It was absolutely ridiculous. We fucked the place up, acted like fools." This was originally going to be the first show of a European tour that ran through October 26, but that fell through, so they toured America on their own before they joined up with Sonic Youth instead.

10/14/88 Salt Lake City, UT
Notes: This is the first show of Mudhoney's Fall 1988 tour of the United States. After this one, some of the specifics from the tour get a little sketchy.

10/??/88 Denver, CO
Also on Bill: The Fluid
Notes: Mark remembers: "We met Rick and the rest of The Fluid back in '88. In fact, we played with them at a small club in Denver on our first tour in October of that year." Mark puts it similarly elsewhere: "The first time we played in Denver, we played with [The Fluid]. It was at a little bar."

10/??/88 Kansas City, MO
Notes: Dan, Mark, and Steve remember this show in a 5/13/16 taping of the Sound Opinions radio show:

Steve: Even touring the states in 1988/89, different scenes were different. Then it just became the same. The reaction to the music was the same wherever you went. I guess it's what happens, but I liked seeing the weirdness of the different scenes.
Mark: Like, Kansas City was a place where you'd just kick cardboard boxes around.
Steve: That was the thing.
Dan: It was totally awesome. I kicked a box myself.
Mark: If a band from Kansas City had become huge, that could've become the thing on MTV.

10/??/88 Colombia, MO
Notes: This show might have taken place in early November, near the time of the Columbus, OH show.

10/20/88 Uptown Bar. Minneapolis, MN
Also on Bill: Toadstool

10/24/88 The Cabaret Metro. Chicago, IL (50 min)
Supported By: Repulse Cava, The Mystery Girls, The Wake
Set: No One Has, Sweet Young Thing, Need, Chain That Door, If I Think, Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, Touch Me I'm Sick, By Her Own Hand, (In 'N' Out of Grace), In 'N' Out Of Grace, Hate The Police, Dead Love
Notes: They play 'By Her Own Hand,' 'Hate the Police,' and 'Dead Love' for the first known time. For 'In 'N' Out of Grace' they get through the intro and into the first line of the song, and can't quite keep it going. So, they wrap it up with a quick ending. Mark asks, "Would we look totally stupid if we started that one over again? [Crowd: No!] Why do I feel stupid? We fucking fly into Chicago, thinking this is our big break. Chicago. And fucking, can't even...I peed my pants, anyone wanna go out with me? Any skinheads here? Beat that fucker up, right there! Not the guy with the glasses, the guy with the long, blonde hair!" When they start the song again, the rush the intro and get right to where they left off. They finish 'Hate the Police' and start to leave, but the crowd cheers for more. Steve tells them, "That was the encore, thanks." Mark adds, "We don't really know anymore songs. We could make something up. It's not totally made up, but it's not a song yet." So, they play an early version of 'Dead Love.' It's long and has a middle section like later versions, but the middle section doesn't get as mellow as it'll become, and they include a longer intro and ending.

10/25/88 Kalamazoo, MI

10/26/88 Babylon Babylon. Lexington, KY
Attendance: 7
Supported By: Day for Night
Setlist: I Wanna Be Your Dog, If I Think, In 'N' Out of Grace, Chain That Door (setlist incomplete and out of order)
Notes: They play The Stooges' 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' for the first known time. Most shows in Lexington at the time drew much better than this, but there was something else going on that night, accounting for the small turnout. With the audience so small (mostly staff from WRFL, with whom they gave an interview earlier in the day), they set up the drum kit on the tiny stage, and then Matt, Mark and Steve played on the floor with the audience while slamming around. Mark changes the pre-chorus of If I Think to "If I Think, I Think of Tony." Late in the show, Mark breaks his distortion pedal doing one of several jumps off of the 12-18" high stage and ditches his guitar for the remainder of the performance. They gave out copies of Superfuzz Bigmuff on generic tapes to those in attendance; the release of the EP being a week away.
Mark and Steve remember the show: Spin Online, 10/15/98. Mark also remembers the show in a Los Angeles Times interview, published on 10/3/91:

Interviewer: What was your strangest gig?

Mark: That would have to be the Lexington, Kentucky, gig we did on our first tour. It was in the fall of 1988, and we did a show in Ann Arbor, then drove six hours one way, then played in front of 30 people and got paid $14, a six-pack of Coke and two packs of cigarettes. But the crowd went wild. Then we drove back to Michigan for another show the next night. [Note: Mark is probably switching the order of the two Michigan shows here.]

10/27/88 The Beat. Ann Arbor, MI
Supported By: In Vain
Notes: The venue was located at the top level of a German restaurant called The Heidelburg, and not too much later the venue changed its name to Club Heidelburg (and later The Club Above). The show was lightly attended - maybe 15 people. At one point, Mark says they're not playing anymore until they get paid, and that the guy with the mustache is ripping them off. So, an audience member starts a chant of, "Kill the guy with the mustache! Kill the guy with the mustache!" and the band joins in.

10/28/88 Gabe's Oasis. Iowa City, IA
Set: Mudride, No One Has, If I Think, In 'N' Out of Grace, Need, Chain that Door (set incomplete and out of order)
Notes: Mudride was the opener.

10/29/88 Maxwell's. Hoboken, NJ
Supporting: Live Skull
Supported By: Urge Overkill

10/30/88 The Middle East Cafe. Cambridge, MA (35 min)
Supporting: The Afghan Whigs, Urge Overkill
Supported By: Stickdog
Set: Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, By Her Own Hand, Chain that Door, If I Think, Touch Me I'm Sick, Sweet Young Thing, In 'N' Out of Grace
Notes: This was the afternoon show at the club, with a different show at night. The band is introduced by famous Boston promoter Billy Ruane. Mark is wearing his "Schmidt Animal Beer" shirt that he's got on in so many of those early Charles Peterson photos (Steve and Matt are wearing far less-famous shirts - one for Amphetamine Reptile records, and a plain white long-sleeve, respectively). To open the show, Dan starts counting off 'No One Has,' then hears that everyone else is starting in on 'Mudride,' and quickly regroups. Mark rocks so hard during 'Here Comes Sickness' that his guitar strap breaks, and he has to keep playing while cradling his guitar until he has a chance to fix things. Speaking of guitar, he plays everything on one guitar (the baby blue Hagstrom III), like he did at a lot of early shows. So all of the songs that are normally in Open A tuning (e.g., Chain that Door), he plays on the one guitar in standard tuning. Someone in the crowd shouts for a Billy Bragg cover after 'If I Think,' which causes Mark to crack up. A couple people are sitting, and Mark starts talking to them: "Comfortable chairs? The chair's comfortable? In Seattle, everyone sits in recliners, and they've got this little remote control button where they change the band if they're tired of them." Someone yells at them to play more songs, and Mark says "No!" while pretending to take off his guitar and storm off stage. Later, Mark starts opining about his Schmidt beer shirt: Where I come from you can get a case of this shit for fucking four dollars ... OK, six, I lied. It is worth every cent. Graphically, it's way better than any beer I've seen on the East Coast." This sparks some minor disagreement from the crowd, and someone shouts to ask where they're from. Steve: "We're from Oregon, maybe Washington." Mark: "Oregon, Washington, who knows? All of Canada. ... This song is about being a lumberjack," which serves as the lead in to 'Sweet Young Thing.' Toward the end of the gig, Mark tells the crowd that they're also playing at Bunratty's, and adds some more playful antagonism: "Urge Overkill is next, definitely stay around for them. Other than that, you guys really suck. [Guy in crowd: 'Fuck you!']. You wanna fight?!?!," while mimicking throwing some 1920's-era punches. Then it's 'In N Out of Grace,' and that's the set.

10/31/88 Bunratty Tavern. Reading, MA
Notes: With Mudhoney playing an afternoon show on 10/30/88, this might've been an evening show that same day. These are both roughly Boston-area shows, with the two venues located 13 miles apart.

11/1/88 The Pyramid Club. New York City, NY (45 min)
Set: No One Has, Sweet Young Thing, Chain That Door, If I Think, Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, Touch Me I'm Sick, In 'N' Out Of Grace
Encore: Dead Love
Encore 2: By Her Own Hand, (T.V. Eye), Hate The Police
Notes: There might have been multiple shows in New York. After 'Touch Me I'm Sick,' Mark makes a pitch to sell some t-shirts, leading to some friendly back and forth with the audience. They play an early version of 'Dead Love' than the stretched out versions they'd be doing by the time they got to the West Coast on this tour. This version clocks in at 4 minutes, and doesn't have the mellow breakdown section. When they come back for the second encore, Dan lays down a beat, and Mark jokingly riffs on G.G. Allin's recent claims that he planned to commit suicide onstage on Halloween 1989: "I'm sure by now you people know how much I live for the stage. It's pretty much my whole life. And I feel like it's time for me to take my destiny into my hands. That's right, motherfuckers, no one can say when you live or when you die. Except maybe you. On Halloween 1990, man, somewhere in Seattle, Washington, I'm going to get married on stage. It's an open invitation." After 'By Her Own Hand,' Steve plays a bit of main riff to The Stooges' 'T.V. Eye.' Dan and Mark immediately join in, and then they all stop as quickly as they began.

11/2/88 The West Side Club. Philadelphia, PA
Also on Bill: The Serial Killers
Set: If I Think, Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, Touch Me I'm Sick, By Her Own Hand, In 'N' Out of Grace (set incomplete)
Notes: Steve is set up stage right, and Matt is set up stage left.

11/3/88 OSU Student Union. Columbus, OH
Attendance: 30
Supported By: Satan's Bake Sale, Control
Notes: The bands played in a storage closet adjacent to the East Ballroom that holds ~60 people. Steve, on the subject of the smallest venue they've ever played: "In the early days there were some strange little places. I remember one in Columbus, Ohio, that was on a campus, but it was literally where they stored seats underneath the bleachers in the gymnasium. It was some bunker room that was actually a storage closet. That one might be the smallest place."

11/11/88 Union Station. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Sonic Youth, Screaming Trees
Notes: This was Mudhoney's first show of their tour with Sonic Youth. They play in the Great Hall - the lobby of an abandoned train station. The size of the room dwarfs the crowd. There's marble floors and an arched ceiling two stories up, and whilee it makes for a unique venue, it doesn't make for a great-sounding venue.

11/12/88 The Pine Street Theater. Portland, OR
Supporting: Sonic Youth, Screaming Trees

11/14/88 One Step Beyond. Santa Clara, CA
Supporting: Sonic Youth
Supported By: The Gathering
Notes: A fan remembers:

You have Mudhoney listed as supporting Sonic Youth. As I recall a band called The Gathering played before Mudhoney. They may have been local to the San Jose area. I had never seen Mudhoney at that point. Few had. I didn't know they were the evolution of Green River. So I didn't know what to expect. I was mainly there to see Sonic Youth. And little did I know that Daydream Nation was to drop in less than a week after that show. Anyhow, at first the show was scarcely attended. There were the usual factions of punks - the Mohawks, the skins, the goths, etc. Everyone in their corners. The Gathering started to play and they were more of a goth band. Their fans moved to the front, but were basically sitting on the floor. As were most of us. After 3 or so songs. The bulk of the crowd was getting restless. The music was slow and a bit mopey. The skins were getting irate and taunting the band. Eventually their set ended and there was A long wait for Mudhoney. The crowd was getting restless. Then Mudhoney came out. Mark stood in front of the mic and sang in a mopey way very similar to the preceding band's singer [note: they might have opened with 'Mudride']. They played a monotonous dreary slow imitation of The Gathering for about five minutes. The crowd was getting very uneasy. The skins were yelling and booing and throwing stuff. Being that nobody in the audience knew who Mudhoney were, we expected to sit there through another insufferable set. After five minutes of this performance though, Mark stopped moaning and stepped back from the mic. He backed up all the way to the drum stand. And while doing that, the drummer stopped playing and everyone let their guitars feedback. It got incredibly loud. At that point in history this was not something that occurred very often at punk shows. During that wall of sound, the irate shouting got louder and the crowd got more and more tense. And then Mark's hand dropped and he tore into what I believe was Touch Me I'm Sick or another scorcher that totally ignited the crowd. Everyone immediately started dancing, slamming, etc. and from that moment on, all the way through to the end of Sonic Youth's incredible set the energy never let up. It still is one of the best concerts I've ever seen. I was 18 at the time. Most of which I stood planted dead center in front of Mark and then in front of Kim.

11/15/88 The Fillmore Auditorium. San Francisco, CA (30 min)
Supporting: Sonic Youth, Die Kreuzen
Set: No One Has, Chain that Door, If I Think, Mudride/Here Comes Sickness, Hate the Police, Touch Me I'm Sick, In 'N' Out of Grace
Notes: After 'Here Comes Sickness,' Mark tells the crowd, "This is about as much fun as a pierced dick." Before they finish their set with 'In N Out of Grace,' Mark hawks some t-shirts: "We can't really afford to sell them inside the building. So, after the show if you want to, talk to us outside." Some venues, like the Fillmore, insist on a cut of merch sales to sell inside the venue. Mark, Matt, and Steve talked about the show in an 8/90 Maximumrocknroll interview:

MRR: It must be weird for you guys because, for instance, some bands work all their lives to get into the Fillmore and your first ever San Francisco show was there.
Steve: Man, that place sucked! Why would anyone work their whole life to play there? That's a sad life.
MRR: I don't know, 'cuz Jerry (Garcia) played there! It's San Francisco, man.
Mark: Well maybe it means something to people in San Francisco.
Steve: It doesn't mean anything to us.
Mark: It's like when we were in England, people were going, "Wow you've really broken a lot of ground getting into Melody Maker and all this shit," and we were like, "That doesn't mean anything to us, because we don't know anything about the magazine."
Matt: I don't feel comfortable playing in a place where they got some guy standing there saying, "Hi! Welcome to the Fillmore" to everyone who walks in. And they got a lounge where they got some band playing...And there's all these posters, and I just didn't like it 'cuz I got in trouble for stealing pizza!
MRR: Now very punk rock, huh?
Mark: Not very punk rock at all.
MRR: So playing at the Fillmore was no big deal?
Mark: It's just not the best place to play in a town for the first time. It was like, here we are unknowns opening for Sonic Youth in this huge place where half the people actually 90% of the people are just kinda sitting there, trying to figure out what's going on, or sitting out in the lobby because they never heard of you. It's just not the best situation to be in.


One time we played San Francisco, and Blag, the singer for the Dwarves, invited us to his place for a party. We figured this is gonna be out of hand - the Dwarves - this'll be crazy. Drugs, girls, everything, you know. We get over there and Blag keeps telling us to be quiet because the neighbors are complaining. So that's how rad the Dwarves were. [Note: this might be in reference to a different SF show, like 2/13/89, 2/18/89, or 8/30/89.]

11/16/88 KCSB Studios. Santa Barbara, CA (35 min)
Set: Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, No One Has, If I Think, By Her Own Hand, Touch Me I'm Sick, Dead Love
Notes: Mudhoney plays a set at a radio station that's broadcast. This performance (minus 'If I Think') was included on Superfuzz Bigmuff: Deluxe Edition, released in 2008. There's a small number of people in the studio, who do their best to applaud between songs. They take a 30ish minute break after 'By Her Own Hand.' When they come back, Mark takes a minute to tell the listening audience, "We want to play a game of Strip Santa Barb-opoly. It's gonna take a little while to get down to your underwear, but we want to play really badly. If there's any really good place to play Strip Santa Barb-opoly, fucking tell us." Close to half of the time they spend playing is on a LONG version of 'Dead Love.'

11/17/88 SDSU Backdoor. San Diego, CA
Supporting: Sonic Youth

11/18/88 Night Moves. Huntington Beach, CA
Supporting: Sonic Youth
With Sonic Youth: I Wanna Be Your Dog
Notes: Mark and Matt play The Stooges' 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' with Sonic Youth at the end of Sonic Youth's set. A couple guys from Redd Kross join in, as well. Thurston Moore introduces the Mudhoney guys with, "Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce to the stage Mark Arm of Mudhoney. Come up here, you fucking asshole! This guy fucking smells! Ladies and gentlemen, another faggot from the same band!"

11/19/88 The Roxy. Hollywood, CA (30 min)
Supporting: Sonic Youth
Set: Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, No One Has, Sweet Young Thing..., Need, Chain That Door, If I Think, Touch Me I'm Sick, In 'N' Out of Grace, Halloween(w/Kim Gordon)
Notes: They play Sonic Youth's 'Halloween' for the first known time. Sonic Youth played two shows this night, and this is the late show. Mudhoney didn't open the early show; Jack Brewer did. Mark introduces Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth before covering her band's 'Halloween:' "It's so weird, here we are in L.A., alright? We don't know anyone. And we run into so many stars. We run into Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth over next-door at the Rainbow. We asked her if she wanted to do this song with us. It's a Blood, Sweat & Tears number. We know how popular Blood, Sweat & Tears is these days. We'd like you to give a big, L.A. welcome for Kim Gordon! Kim refuses to play the tambourine." Then, both Mark and Kim play on the song.

11/20/88 The Roxy. Hollywood, CA (5 min)
With Sonic Youth: I Wanna Be Your Dog
Notes: Mudhoney didn't play this show; Die Kruezen opened. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth introduces the Mudhoney guys (maybe just Mark, but possibly Matt as well): "We've got some friends up here to help us, dudes from Seattle, dudes from L.A. [referring to Mike Watt]. We're gonna do some old Beatles songs. I mean Ramones, Ramones. Peter Frampton cover." Then Mark announces: "You're the most beautiful people I've seen in my life. You're beautiful. I really mean that. You're so goddamn pretty, I can't stand it. I wanna fuck all your brains out. [Shouts from the crowd.] That's already happened? What?" Mark and Mike Watt play with Sonic Youth on 'I Wanna Be Your Dog,' and possibly Matt does as well. Matt in Everybody Loves Our Town:

[Mudhoney were] playing in the L.A. area with Sonic Youth, and the Redd Kross guys were there. We all came out onstage and played 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' with Sonic Youth, and I had my pants around my ankles while playing Kim Gordon's bass. The next night, Kim's doing sound check with that bass, and I pointed to it and said, "Hey, Kim, my penis was touching the back of that bass last night!" And she's all, "Really?" She took it off, and I don't think she ever played it again. I'm like, Damn, am I that repulsive?

11/21/88 Pheonix, AZ
Supporting: Sonic Youth

11/22/88 Student Union Building Basement, University of New Mexico. Albequerque, NM (CANCELLED)
Supporting: Sonic Youth
Notes: Mudhoney didn't make the show when they got van trouble and became stuck in Flagstaff, AZ.

11/25/88 Arcadia Theater. Dallas, TX
Attendance: 50
Supporting: Sonic Youth
Notes: Sonic Youth wanted to charge $5 for tickets, but the promoter was selling them for $15, which resulted in an argument. The audience ended up being 50 people in a 1,500 seat theater.

11/26/88 Liberty Lunch. Austin, TX (30 min)
Supporting: Sonic Youth
Set: Mudride, Here Comes Sickness, No One Has, Sweet Young Thing..., Need, Chain That Door, If I Think
Notes: Mark dedicated Chain That Door to "the memory of "David Nobody. Rest in Peace." David Nobody is also known as David Duet, and was in fellow Sub Pop band Cattbutt, as well as being from Austin. Mark hurt his ankle badly at some point.

11/27/88 Powertools. Houston, TX
With Sonic Youth: Silver Rocket, I Wanna Be Your Dog
Notes: Mudhoney's last show of this tour. Mark performs Silver Rocket and I Wanna Be Your Dog with Sonic Youth at separate times during their set.

12/1/88 The Mazey Hickey Gallery. Seattle, WA
Supported By: The Thrown-Ups, Love and Respect
Notes: This was probably an opening for an exhibit by Ed Fotheringham. The Mazey Hickey Gallery is located at 1520 11th Ave (second floor).

12/31/88 The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA (65 min)
Supported By: The Walkabouts, Terry Lee Hale, The Life
Set: 1969, Here Comes Sickness, No One Has, Sweet Young Thing, Chain that Door, Need, If I Think, Mudride, Burn it Clean, Touch Me I'm Sick, In 'N' Out of Grace, (Bohemian Rhapsody), Hate the Police(w/Bohemian Rhapsody)
Notes: They play The Stooges' '1969' for the only known time, and 'Burn it Clean' for the first known time. Additional songs might have been played between Burn it Clean and Touch Me I'm Sick. The guys all wore blue beads and played blue guitars. As they hit the stage, everyone in the crowd is blasting away on noise makers. The crowd is rowdy and aggressive in a fun way, and the band is even more so, right back. For '1969,' Mark changes the lyrics to "1989." Here Comes Sickness is introduced with, "This song's called, 'Don't shit on a platter if you're going to eat it up.'" There's plenty of band/audience interaction between songs, with the highlight coming after Here Comes Sickness. Mark begins with, "I can tell this is going to be a fucking bad year for most of you," and wraps things up a few minutes later with, "Happy new year, losers! All you're going to do is have your shitty, old jobs!" Before Hate the Police, Mark sings a few lines of Bohemian Rhapsody ("Mama, I just killed a man, put a gun against his head, pulled the trigger now he's dead"), then sings the "We are the champions" part over the ending of Hate the Police.

??/??/88 Cincinnati, OH
Notes: During 12/31/88, Mark talks of having played Cincinnati. This probably happened between 10/14/88 Salt Lake City and 10/24/88 Chicago. If not then, then right after 11/3/88 Columbus.

??/??/88 OK
Notes: During 12/31/88, Mark talks of having played Oklahoma. This probably happened between 10/14/88 Salt Lake City and 10/24/88 Chicago. If not then, then right after 11/3/88 Columbus.