Mudhoney Tourbook, 1994

3/??/94 (A Record Store). Austin, TX
Notes: Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Mudhoney perform together at a record store. This show took place before 3/17/94. Matt did not play at this show. This show took place during the SXSW festival, but was not a part of SXSW.

3/17/94 City Coliseum. Austin, TX
Supported By: Tony Clarke, Angela Strehli with Marcia Ball and Lou Ann Barton, Monte Warden, Tish Hinojosa, Kittel, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, The Flatlanders, Michelle Shocked and Joe Ely, Syd Straw with Gurff Morlix, Santiago Jiminez Jr with Mark Rubin, The Picketts with Dave Alvin, Champ Hood and the Threadgill's Troubadors
Notes: The show was a St. Patrick's Day party hosted by Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Most artists played four to six songs, and most were joined by Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Matt did not play at this show.

4/6/94 Civic Center. Springfield, MA
Attendance: 6,800
Supporting: Pearl Jam

4/7/94 War Memorial. Rochester, NY
Supporting: Pearl Jam
Set: Blinding Sun, Who You Drivin' Now?, Need, Make it Now, Good Enough, This Gift, No End in Sight, If I Think, Get into Yours, You Got it, Come to Mind

4/8/94 Patriot Center. Fairfax, VA (40 min)
Supporting: Pearl Jam
Set: In 'N' Out of Grace, Suck You Dry, Blinding Sun, When Tomorrow Hits, Who You Drivin' Now?, You Got it, Make it Now, Touch Me I'm Sick, This Gift, Tonight I Think..., Dead Love
Notes: This show takes place the day that Kurt Cobain's body is found. They play 'Tonight I Think...' for the first known time, but probably did it earlier at the Austin gigs in March. The guys aren't much for stage banter tonight. Mark introduces 'Tonight I Think...' as a Jimmy Dale Gilmore song, and Dan tells the crowd, "Thank you!" as they leave the stage.

4/10/94 Boston Gardens. Boston, MA (40 min)
Attendance: 12,000
Supporting: Pearl Jam

4/11/94 Boston Gardens. Boston, MA
Attendance: 12,000
Supporting: Pearl Jam
Notes: Matt and Dan join Pearl Jam for Rockin' in the Free World and then stick around for an a capella version of "Happy Trails", which is introduced as "This is a song for John Candy, 'cause we all know he was a big, fat bastard. But we love him". Pearl Jam's setlist originally has their song 'Breath' being done with Mudhoney, but is crossed off and Mudhoney doesn't play on that one. That'd be a weird pairing of song and band if it had happened.

4/12/94 Orpheum Theater. Boston, MA
Supporting: Pearl Jam
Notes: Mark joins Pearl Jam on the third song of their set, singing on "Sonic Reducer". Mark also did this on 9/5/93 when Pearl Jam opened for Neil Young at The Gorge, in George, WA.

4/14/94 "Columbiafest". Colubmia University. New York City, NY (CANCELLED)
Notes: This show was to take place on the steps outside of Low Library. Mudhoney cancelled the night before, citing Kurt Cobain's death and were replaced by The Ocean Blue.

4/15/94 Irving Plaza. New York City, NY (75 min)
Supported By: The Chrome Cranks
Set: Into the Drink, You Got it, Suck You Dry, Holden, Blinding Sun, Who You Drivin' Now?, When Tomorrow Hits, Make it Now, Let it Slide, This Gift, Tonight I Think..., No End in Sight, Dead Love, Generation Spokesmodel, Broken Hands, Touch Me I'm Sick, Fix Me
Notes: They play 'Holden' and 'Generation Spokesmodel' are played for the first known time. Mark introduces Holden with, "this is a song that will be on our next record, which should be out in a year and a half, or five." Bob Bert, former drummer of Sonic Youth: "The Chrome Cranks were stalking me a bit to join the band. I went to see them open for Mudhoney and Mark Arm says to me, 'Don't you think they sound like The Scientists?' 'I don't know, I never heard The Scientists!'" Bert then joined The Chrome Cranks in the summer of 1994.

4/16/94 University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA
Supporting: Cypress Hill
Supported By: Run-D.M.C., G. Love & Special Sauce
Notes: The venue is probably The Palestra, on Penn campus. This is a college show, and the kind of hodge-podge lineup that you usually get when college kids are spending other people's money and want a bill that appeals to everyone on campus. Steve remembers this show in Magnet Magazine:

Through the piney haze, the band trades half-hearted comments on its performance [8/28/98] and concludes that it was at least better than the last time they tried to rock Philly - sandwiched between Run-DMC and Cypress Hill, playing to a gymnasium full of rowdy rap fans for some college spring-break event. Not surprisingly, Mudhoney received the collective middle finger from the crowd. Never one to squander an opportunity to make a bad situation worse, Turner perched himself on the lip of the stage and taunted the audience with a cock-rock burlesque of mock-fretboard pyrotechnics. They would have killed him if they could have gotten their hands on him, he reckons.
Mark: "There were boos from the crowd as soon as [tour manager] Danny started setting up the drums amps. I have to admit that I don't understand why they put us on after Run-D.M.C. ... I took one hit off of a joint [Cypress Hill was] passing around, mainly to be polite. I didn't smoke weed very much, much less right before we play. It was crippling." With shows in New York City the day before and after this show, they keep their hotel rooms in New York and drive back after this gig. Mark wanted to stick around to watch Cypress Hill, but was out-voted.

4/17/94 The Paramount Theater. New York, NY
Attendance: 5,500
Supporting: Pearl Jam
Set: This Gift, Make it Now, Tonight I Think... (Set Incomplete)
Notes: Tickets were distributed by local radio stations running contests to win the right to buy tickets. Mark joins Pearl Jam for Sonic Reducer again. This time it appears as the last song of their set. Mark also wore the same shirt for all of the shows with Pearl Jam

7/8/94 "Pain in the Grass". The Mural Amphitheater. Seattle, WA (60 min)
Attendance: 10,000+
Supported By: The Lemons, The Kent 3
Set: Into the Drink, Suck You Dry, Generation Spokesmodel, What Moves the Heart?, Between Me & You Kid, Make it Now, Not Goin' Down..., Tonight I Think..., No End in Sight, (Jam), Goat Cheese, Holden, Blinding Sun, Execution Style
Encore: You Got it, In 'N' Out of Grace
Notes: They perform What Moves the Heart?, Execution Style, Not Goin' Down... and Goat Cheese for the first known time, with it being the only known performance of the latter two. This was a free show as part of a local radio station's annual Pain in the Grass concert series held at the Seattle center. Members of Soundgarden and Screaming Trees are in attendance. This show set the then record for attendance at a Pain in the Grass concert. Mark jokingly tells the audience on a couple of occasions that he hoped that they were getting their money's worth. Mark introduces 'Generation Spokesmodel' as 'This is a song called 'Eat Me.'' Regarding the show being free, he tells the crowd, "We like to think that, at a Mudhoney concert, you always get what you pay for." Before 'Goat Cheese,' Mark says, "It's time for a little jazz, I think [the band does a few random notes] ... OK, that's enough of that. Let's play some grunge! Alright!"

12/2/94 M.I.C.A. Ballroom. Salem, OR

12/3/94 EMU Ballroom. Eugene, OR
Supported By: Flathead

12/4/94 Lava Lounge. Chico, CA

12/6/94 Slim's. San Francisco, CA
Supported By: Icky Boy Friends, Mono Shock

12/7/94 Berkeley Square. Berkeley, CA

12/9/94 The Foothill. Long Beach, CA

12/10/94 Off the Record. San Diego, CA
Notes: Mudhoney plays a free show at a record store before their proper gig that evening.

12/10/94 Soma. San Diego, CA

12/11/94 The Troubadour. Hollywood, CA (65 min)
Set: Make It Now, Touch Me I'm Sick, Into Yer Shtik, This Gift, Judgment Rage..., Dead Love, Suck You Dry, Generation Spokesmodel, Blinding Sun, Into the Drink, What Moves the Heart?, You Got it, When Tomorrow Hits, 1995
Encore: F.D.K., Broken Hands
Notes: Into Yer Shtik, Judgment Rage..., 1995 and F.D.K. are performed for the first known time.

12/15/94 The Backstage. Seattle, WA

12/16/94 The King Performing Arts center. Seattle, WA
Attendance: 800
Supported By: Steel Wool, Bloodloss
Set: Suck You Dry, Who You Drivin' Now?, Generation Spokesmodel, Blinding Sun, What Moves the Heart?, Make it Now, Judgement Rage..., This Gift, Into Yer Shtik, You Got It, Execution Style, When Tomorrow Hits, 1995 (w/Renestair E.J.)
Encore: Touch Me I'm Sick, Today is a Good Day, Broken Hands
Notes: A great show. The energy between the band and the crowd was amazing. During a ten minute long 1995, the microphone Ren was using dropped into his saxaphone while he was playing. A different song than Today, is a Good Day might have been played in it's slot in the set. If it was, in fact, Today, is a Good Day it is the only known time the song has been performed.