Brotherhood of Electric Tourbook

8/31/00 The Crocodile Cafe. Seattle, WA
Supporting: Nebula
Supported By: The Heads
Set: You Stole My Love, Far Side of Your Moon, Ladder to the Moon, So Come On, Think About it, No Friend of Mine, Sleeveless, Lost Woman, Alcorockic, Thing in E, Thirsty and Miserable
Notes: "You Stole My Love", "Think About it", and "Lost Woman" are Yardbirds songs. "Far Side of Your Moon", "Ladder to the Moon", and "Sleeveless" are Wellwater Conspiracy songs. "So Come On", "No Friend of Mine", "Alcorockic", "Thing in E" and "Thirsty and Miserable" were written by Fleur de Lys, Sparkles, Ben Shepard, Savage Resurrection and Black Flag, respectively. The first two songs are instrumentals, and Jack sings "Ladder to the Moon". After that, Ben handles all the vocals. According to Jack, "We totally slayed people."

11/3/00 "Terrastock IV". The Showbox Theater. Seattle, WA (45 min)
Supported By: Tarentel, The Monkeywrench, Windy and Carl, The Lothars,Voyager One, Ethereal Counterbalance
Supporting: Ghost, Damon and Naomi, Charalambides, Albunai!
Set: Far Side of Your Moon, Thing in E, So Come On, You Do You, No Friend of Mine, Trowerchord, Think About it, Lost Woman, Sleeveless, Girl From New York, Ladder to the Moon
Notes: Although this is the Brotherhood of Electric lineup, they are billed as The Wellwater Conspiracy. This performace occured on the first day of a three day festival. They open with Far Side Of Your Moon, which been spends sitting cross-legged on the stage. Ben is seemingly introverted for the first few songs, singing facing the video screen behind the stage or while looking at the ground. Later, he starts playing to the crowd a lot more. His mic gives out on You Do You, and he goes over to use Jack's mic. After the song, there's a lengthy delay as they unsuccessfully try to fix the problem, and Ben has to sing without vocal effects for the rest of the show. As soon as his part on Girl From New York is done, he leaves the stage for good, and Jack handles the vocals on Ladder to the Moon.