Green River Tourbook Mysteries

Unplaced Show Notes:

All of the shows with unknown dates below took place sometime between 7/1/84 and 8/21/87.

??/??/8? Top of the Court. Seattle, WA
Notes: Top of the Court was located at 1524 15th Ave W.


The first show I remember playing at an over-21 club was near Magnolia but at the bottom of the hill on the west side. It was a little, tiny bar. I think Green River played with Malfunkshun and maybe the Melvins there. I swear I played there with something. I think it was Green River. [Note: he was just playing with The Thrown-Ups between Green River and Mudhoney, and it probably wasn't that.]

??/??/8? 11th Ave NE and NE 50th St. Seattle, WA
Attendance: 250-300
Also on Bill: Bundle of Hiss
Notes: This show was scheduled to take place outdoors in Standwood, WA, but was cancelled at the last minute due to rain and rescheduled as a gig in this five-bedroom house. This show happened after Steve left the band - sometime between 7/8/85 and 8/20/87.


There was that show that was supposed to happen at Camano Island with Feast. It turned into a house party at Tom Mick and Ed Fotheringham's house.

??/??/8? The Central Tavern. Seattle, WA
Notes: The audience begins throwing spam at the band, and they respond by dropping their instruments in the middle of the song that they are playing and throwing it back. The resulting chaos and damage gets Green River both fined and banned for life from the Central Tavern. This event prompted Green River to start throwing things - most notably cooking oil - at the audience during future performances. This might have taken place at one of the other listed Central Tavern shows.

??/??/87 Washington Hall. Seattle, WA
Also on Bill: Cat Butt
Notes: Cat Butt formed in early 1987, placing this gig after that.


[Throwing stuff at the crowd] came a little bit from Mr. Epp, it came a little bit from The Butthole Surfers. "What are we gonna do to surprise or freak out the crowd this time?" ... The cooking oil thing [throwing cooking oil at the crowd] I think was at Washington Hall, maybe it was Cat Butt? I think David Duet got his hands on that and started spraying it all around. That wasn't a pre-planned thing like spaghetti and Jell-O. That was opening for the Butthole Surfers. "They're gonna do something, what are we gonna do?" The fish in the pants thing, gotta have something! The fish in the pants thing, that kind of goes back to a Dicks show in Texas where Gary Floyd had steaks in his pants and his armpits and played the whole show and sweated on them, then threw them out into the crowd. Which I think is a reference to one of those John Waters movies where Divine is shoplifting and putting steaks down her pants.

Unplaced Notes: