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How to pump your bike with Presta valve tires

Locate the bicycle pump and place by your bike. Rotate the wheels so the valve is near the ground, to make the subsequent steps easier. Check the current setting of the pump head. If it looks like below, it’s already configured for the Presta valve, and skip to step 10. If it looks like this, it’s set for the Schrader valve, and you’ll need to flip the core around.

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Provincetown Tour

Introduction It was only after two years living in Cambridge, Mass. that I realized that bicycling is far and away the best way to get around, with walking a close second. So, in October 2016, I fetched myself a $55 light blue Schwinn Collegiate from the MIT Police Bike Auction. From a time when steel bikes were the only kind of bikes you could get, it weighs a hulking 40 pounds.

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First Hugo-powered blog post!

I’ve decided that I should centralize my blogging – that is, place everything in the same place. It’s more convenient that way, and I can organize my thoughts for you all to see. How’s that sound? It turns out that I wrote quite a few blog posts in my two years on WordPress. I’ll start by porting some of those over, just to get a feel for Hugo, which I’m already starting to like.

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(WordPress) and naming things

In the course of my C programming (the pinnacle of which has been work on the Linux kernel), I’ve grown accustomed to the Linux kernel coding style. It’s great. Now every bit of C I’ve written follows, more or less, this standard. It feels clean and crisp. It addresses naming conventions (i over loop_counter, for instance), but it doesn’t address a more subtle issue—the naming of functions that perform an action.

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(WordPress) why hello there!

Of all things to do during the break, starting a new blog is probably something I may or may not regret. I’ve got time, anyway… or so I think? I’m a displaced Xangan, scattered across the Earth after that site went through too many changes (and more crucially, transformed to a WordPress paid model). Being too frugal for that, I opted for a WordPress instead. Me? A second-semester senior at UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

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