quan m. nguyen


Following the instructions at Serious Eats, I made some caramel sauce, to go with the apples we’d picked at Shelburne Farm (in Stow, MA) last weekend. After my sugar mixture caramelized, I added some amount of heavy cream, removed the saucepan from heat, and stirred until the foaming subsided.

I took a small spoon and dipped it just so, into the still piping-hot caramel. I cooled it before tasting it. It was deliciously rich, tasting somewhat like butterscotch (perhaps because I burnt some of it and mixed it back into the caramel).

I knew that 14 ounces, the original yield of the recipe, was going to be a bit much so I halved the recipe. But seven whole ounces of super-rich caramel doesn’t really strike you as much until it’s staring at you in the face.