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For information on current club practices, see the front page.

Mailing Lists and Message Boards

If you're at all interested in what the club is up to, you should be subscribed to the Berkeley quiz bowl mailing list. To do so, send a message to <> with a blank subject and the text subscribe quizbowl-list in the message body. This will send you a confirmation message, to make sure that you want to be added; follow its directions, and you will be subscribed. Note that this will subscribe the address from which you send the email; if you want to subscribe a different address, use the command subscribe quizbowl-list yourname@youraddress. An alternative method, which is slower but simpler, is to just send a message to the list manager asking to be added to the list. Currently this is Paul Lujan <plujan at berkeley dot edu>.

Another useful list to be subscribed to is the quizbowl-westcoast list, a mailing list for announcements of quiz bowl events on the west coast hosted by Stanford. You can subscribe through the web interface here or by sending a message to <> with a blank subject and the text subscribe quizbowl-westcoast in the message body.

The most commonly-used message board is the Yahoo! quizbowl group. You don't need to join the group to read the messages, though you will if you need to post. The somewhat-misnamed boards also have a fairly active community. There used to be a message board hosted at, but it seems to have disappeared.

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