Club Members

Current Members

Co-President, Tanay Kothari


Co-President, Ankit Aggarwal


Vice President, Yifan Zhang


Gilbert Hsyu

     Nth-year Astrophysics

"Ice Cold" Jenny Tan (谈静) (談靜) (Джэнни Тэн)

Brian...Al-ford? (براين الفورد)

     "Is it like Vespasian?"
     Still... around?

Mason Liang

     Fourth-year Grad Biology

Sam Braunfeld

     Fourth-year Mathematics

Arbong Lei

     Fourth-year MCB

Vivek Bhave

     Fourth-year Econ/History

Di Xiao

     Third-year Math/(EECS Minor)

Derek Chou

     Third-year EECS

Nicholas Karas

     Third-year Math

Andy Nguy

     Third-year MCB/English

Neil Garde

     Third-year EECS

Ilyas Bayramov

     Third-year Mathematics

Michael Ling


Ashley Gonik


Jeff Hoppes

     N-th year graduate

Gaius Stern

     Faculty member, n-th year graduate

Previous members

Steven Pham, Graduated


Jennifer Ng, Graduated


Victoria Tokar, Graduated


"Plastic Man" Brett Hallahan, Graduated 2009

     Political Science
     "Can said skills pay the bills?"
     "Stop snickering."
     "If I know anything about my 'lonely bone', it's not connected to anything."

Elise Burton (ליה ברתן) (Катя Коген) (لية برتن) , Graduated 2009

     Middle Eastern Studies and Integrative Biology (minor, Theater)
     Fewer majors than Jenny...but with fewer overlaps.
     Victory is mine!
     Token Jew.      Biologist extraordinaire.

Kevin Alford, (كيوان الفورد) Graduated 2008

     Molecular Cell Biology
     He's Persian. Like the cat. MEOW!
     A piously atheistic, kind, good-looking wombat.
     Level 85 86 88 Wind Druid.

Kaushik Iyer, Graduated (كاوشك موهان آير)


Yogesh Raut

     Fifth-year graduate, PhD Organizational Behavior
     "Sar-" *click* "-tre."

Ruwani Ekanayake, Graduated

     Public Health
     Subcontinental. Just kidding! We meant South Central.
     "Sri Lanka is a great place to visit, except for the terrorists."

Larry Wang (王),

     15th-year Pokemon Master.

Johnny Hwang, Graduated?

     Computer Science

Jessica Luk, Graduated?


Thomas Lydston, Graduated?


Nandan Keshav, Graduated ???

     Molecular Cell Biology

Valhalla - Hall of Fallen Warriors (a.k.a. Alumni)

NameStatus (years as of 2004-2005 school year)Comments
Nick Meyer Nth Year Grad in Math The bastion of "Cool Facts"
Paul Lujan 5th year Grad in Physics Headmaster of the Paul J. Lujan School of Driving
David Farris 4th year Grad in Math Funky Fresh
Kirsten Chevalier 4th year Grad in CS "My name is not 'David's Girlfriend', it's 'David's Wife'"
Jeff Hoppes Nth year Grad in History  
Larissa Kelly 3rd year Grad in History  
Kenny Easwaran 3rd year Grad in Math  
Andy Penner not currently enrolled "How are we doing?"
Ray Luo Graduated with B.S. in EECS; currently at UCLA pursuing a Ph. D. in Neuroscience I heard a fly die when I buzzed.
Juliana Froggatt Graduated with B.A. in Classical Civilizations, with a concentration in Latin Needfully caustic.
Matt Levine Graduated with B.A. in Economics Trash Boy
Chris Nguyen Junior in Business and Econ  
Paul Reverdy Junior in Engineering Physics  
Lev TrubovSophomore 
Shalev ben AvrahamJunior 
Brendan Shapiro Currently grad student at UCI  
Freddy Gonzales Sophomore in History, Political Science, and Italian  
Ashley Chow Sophomore Currently abroad in Hong Kong; will return Spring 2006
Martha Matsumoto Sophomore  
Martin Kohan Sophomore  
Salpi Vartivarian Sophomore in Linguistics "Hye em yes; Hye es too."
Ed de Guzman 2nd year Grad in CS  
Pierre Vachon 4rd year Grad in Demography The Maple Leaf
Jerry Vinokurov Graduated 2005 in Physics and Math, now at Brown "I was a poor deprived child in communist Russia"
Jon Pennington Ph.D. in Sociology, 2005 The Raging id of Berkeley Quiz Bowl
Kathryn Stanonik Graduated 2005 in Math and Astronomy Webmistress
Seth Teitler Graduated 2004 in EPS, Applied Math, and Astrophysics, now at UChicago Still mammalian after all these years.
Yi ZhangSophomoreTransferred to Cornell
Eok Ngo Graduated in 2003 with B.A. in Economics  
Priya Kalra Graduated in 2004 in Cognitive Science  
David Boyk Sophomore  
Michael S. Grisolia Sophomore Jack of All Trades (except music, biology, anime, Chinese history, chemistry, Supreme Court justices, art history, physics...)
Abhishek Roy Graduate in Physics and Math, now at UIUC  
Devang Parekh Graduated in EECS  
Selene Koo Graduated (Chemistry, 2002), currently at University of Chicago Medical School and Graduate School in Chemistry The winner of the Golden Chicken is...
Ross Ritterman Graduated (Economics & History, Medieval Studies Minor, 2002) Attributes many Quiz-Bowl feats to knowledge gained through studying Romanesque Art
Amar Hatti Graduated (Economics, 2002) The Dismal Scientist, known as Slinkerfield to his close friends
Steve Kaplan Graduated (History, 2002), currently at UCLA Law Aggresiveness...That's how I got syphilis.
Sal Boxamosa Graduated in Chemical Engineering  
Jason Hong Completed Ph. D. in C.S. You can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me.
Gaius Stern Nth Year Grad in Classical History I am the Chaos-Bringer!
Jeff Good Graduated with a Ph.D. in Linguistics, currently teaching at UPenn You're calling him a structuralist?!!
Fred Carpenter Not even she knows Somewhere...out...there?
Mike Usher Graduated in 1999
(BA Math), now at MIT
Wasn't Particle Boy, WAS Particle Man
Steve Lin Doctorate in Statistics My Lawyer says no Comment
Jeff Newman Doctorate in Astronomy
Andrew Schecter Doctorate in Physics
Matt Baker Doctorate in Math (1998)
Casey Cook Graduated in CS and History I'm from Arkansas, I can pronounce it anyway I want.
Rajarshi Gupta Graduated In India, they pay you to play quiz bowl!
Lev Osherovich Graduated (1996)

Curently at UCSF

Famous for inventing the Interuterine birth control device

Guy Branum Graduated in 1998

Currently at U. of Minnesota

1. Eternally a Chelsea Clinton fan
2. "I am the man-diva! I am the trash king!"
Haggai Elitzur B.A. Math 1998

Currently at U. Mich

Phil Huang Graduated in 1997
Dave Levinson Graduated in 1998 Winning is more fun than losing.
Dave Dixon

Dhammika Dharmapala Research School SocSci
Australian National Univ

Rachel Bussel B.A. Women's Studies 1997 - NYU Law
Sarah Kline Graduated in 1998

At Stanford Law


Arun B.A. Computer Science 1995

David W.



Yaraslava B.A. Philosophy 1996
Partha Banerjee


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