Official Journal of Academic Buzzer Competitions

Volume 1 Knowledge is Good Number 4

1988 Results

All - American Invitational

(read 1988 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP of Academic Buzzer Competitions)



1st Georgia Tech I

Victor Rosenberg (MVP) (K.S.U.)

2nd Emory I

Jim Dendy (Georgia Tech I)

3rd Kent State

Robert Trent (U. Tennessee)

4th NC State

Chuck Wessell (NC State)

5th Georgia Tech II

Mike Barkin (Emory I)

The All American Invitational was hosted at Emory University on April 15 and 16. All of the high quality questions were written by Carol Guthrie and Don Windham. The other teams invited include: Wisconsin, George Washington, U. Chicago, Beloit, Florida, Idaho, Auburn, Berry, Florida State, & Armstrong State.

College Bowl Incorporated National Championship

held at a motel in Chicago, with amazingly enough new & challenging questions.


1st-- NC State

2nd-- Emory

Tennessee Invitational



1st Emory

Mike Dupee (MVP) (Emory)

2nd Georgia Tech

Steve Vaughn (Vanderbilt)

3rd (tie) NC State

Jim Dendy (Georgia Tech)

3rd (tie) Florida State

Mike Hart/Chuck Wessell/A. Whited

Allen Ludden Memorial



1st Emory I

Peggy Melys (MVP) (Emory II)

2nd Georgia Tech

Albert Whited (Georgia Tech)

3rd Vanderbilt

Angie Howard (Agnes Scott)

Mike Dupee (Emory I)

Southeastern Invitational



1st NC State

Jay Edwards (MVP) (NC State)

2nd Georgia Tech

Dave Lubinski (NC State)

3rd Berry

Albert Whited (Georgia Tech)

Beth Parker (Davidson)

Wisconsin Invitational



1st Emory

Mike Barkin (Emory)

2nd Wisconsin A

Eric Reehl (Wisconsin)

3rd Minnesota A

Jeff Cook (Minnesota B)

Chris Mooney (Wisconsin)

Upcoming Summer 1988 (Tentative)

The Masters at University of Tennessee-Knoxville

A tournament at which anyone is eligible to compete, whether or not enrolled, graduated, or professional

& The Gunslingers, a winner take all tournament (with one man teams encouraged), both late July/early August as currently envisioned

Carol Guthrie
211 Green Street
Athens, TN 37303

(enough early positive response to the tournament will help it come off)


Academic Buzzer Competition Season

The Junior Circuit

(all dates tentative)

Late October 1988
Early Bird at Berry College 
Gordon Carper
211 Rollingwood Circle
Rome GA 30161
January 28,29 
Southeastern Invitational 
at Georgia Tech 
Jim Dendy
PO Box 31367
Atlanta GA 30332
Emory Junior Bird 
(1st & 2nd year players only) 
Box 22089
Atlanta, GA 30306

Southern Circuit

January 15,16
Sunshine State Invitational  
at U. Florida 
Lohse Beeland
J Wayne Reitz Union Rm 330
Gainesville FL 32611


Florida State Invitational 
c/o Terri Olson
Honors & Scholars Program
933 W. Jefferson St.
Tallahassee FL 32306


Allen Ludden Memorial
Auburn University
309 Foy Union
Auburn, AL 36849
and possibly an NC State/
ACC Tournament

Northern Circuit

Fall 1988
NYU Invitational 
Keith Reynolds
Graduate Housing
8 Washington Place New York NY 10012
Winter 1989
Nittany Lion Invitational at Penn State
Mark Murphy
6 Atherton Hall
University Park, PA 16802
Mid November 1988
Terrapin Invitational
University of Maryland
Debbie Greenberg
Adele Stamp Union Rm. 221
College Park MD 20742
Winter 1989 
Wisconsin Invitational 
Phil Schumacher
104 S. Brooks Street #201
Madison WI 53715

National Tournaments

February 24,25 1989
US Open  
at Georgia Tech
late Winter
Tennessee Invitational at

& National Championship of Academic Buzzer Competitions

Results of Survey

After receiving numerous response to the survey enclosed in the last issue of BUZZER, it is quite apparent that many teams, including regional winners and runners up noticed that the questions were reused. Even though the teams knew they were old, very few had just practised on them, excepting those that had won their regions. The fact that a significant number of questions were reused has been documented. Making questions available for purchase by the participating schools was overwhelmingly favored, assuming they were new questions.


There have been rumors that ACUI will stop endorsing, organizing, and financing College Bowl Incorporated. If The Company were to use new, high quality questions, this would not be necessary. It is my understanding that this was the case at The Company's Nationals in Chicago. Perhaps the realization that they don't have to pander to the lowest common denominator - television - will inspire them to improve their quality.


As before, the two year subscription rate is $5.00

Make all correspondences to:
David Levinson
PO Box 30158
Atlanta, GA 30332

And please, if you are moving, or if you never received this newsletter, contact the publisher at the above address.


This BUZZER is dedicated to Don Windham, psychology professor, expert in devil worship and homosexual studies, loving husband, and Relentless_ Knowledge Warrior. Why? Because we like you, and you asked.

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