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1997 Terrapin Invitational Tournament Results

On October 31-November 1, the University of Maryland, College Park held the Terrapin Invitational for the eleventh straight year. Thirteen teams from nine schools competed on hardcore ACF questions, in a full round robin. Schools included Chicago, Virginia, Cornell, South Carolina, Penn State, Roanoke, Georgia Tech, Kentucky (Seth Kendall playing by himself), and a Maryland House Team of one sophomore and freshmen.

The University of Virginia A finished first with an undefeated 12-0 record. You Keep Your Chicago Away From Me and Cornell A tied with 10-2 marks, with the Chicago team taking second on the basis of head-to-head. Georgia Tech and South Carolina A were next at 8-4, with Georgia Tech finishing fourth by head-to-head.

Congratulations to Andrew Yaphe and Phil O'Donoghue from Virginia A, with a special congrats to Brian Rostron, who took zeroth all-star honors by filling in for Andrew in Round 12 while he took the GREs, going 13-0.

Congratulations also to Andrew, John Sheahan (YKY Chicago AFM), Eric Tentarelli (Cornell A), and Seth Kendall (Kentucky) for earning all-star awards. The winner of the Biscuit Award for most negs (34) went to our fifth scorer, TC Ford of South Carolina A. He won a dining hall biscuit (of appropriate hardness) and promptly took a bite.

Finally, to conclude the tournament, competitors played on a special theme packet, written by a tandem led by John Nam. Those competitors who still don't know what the theme was will just have to be left in the dark, but let's just say it was most triumphant.

PlaceTeamWinsLossesTPPP G
1Virginia A1204345362
2YKY Chicago AFM1023230269
3Cornell A1023485290
4Georgia Tech842000167
5South CarolinaA842595216
6I'll Show You Chicago751785149
7Cornell B661230102
9Virginia B481195100
10Penn State481280107
11South Carolina B21047039
13MD House Team11186072

All ties were broken by head-to-head. YKY Chicago AFM lost to South Carolina A, Georgia Tech lost to Penn State, Virginia B lost to South Carolina B, and South Carolina B lost to MD House Team; every other game follows form.

PlayerTeamTUsNegsGamesP PG
BrianUVA- A1301130.0
AndrewUVA- A1212211100.0
John S.YKY Chicago AFM109261280.0
EricCornell A8351267.1
TCUSC- A74341151.8
HingG. Tech61121245.8
AliceUVA- B5191238.8
MattCornell A54161238.3
PrasunCornell B4681235.0
BrianPenn State3941230.8
RobertISY Chicago3121225.0
AdamUSC- A2971123.2
KevinG. Tech2831222.1
PhilUVA- A2571217.9
ShaunMD House2371216.2
MikeISY Chicago2491216.2
TrevorUSC- B21101114.5
MattISY Chicago2091212.9
ShawnUSC- A91810.6
MitchellYKY Chicago AFM146129.2
SarahISY Chicago111128.8
PatPenn State147128.8
AhmadCornell B112128.3
DanG. Tech103127.1
KanishkaMD House4157.0
BenPenn State93126.2
LloydMD House3146.2
MikePenn State94125.8
ChrisUVA- B72125.0
AnnieMD House2135.0
JohnCornell A50124.2
John T.YKY Chicago AFM50124.2
DaveUSC- B76104.0
JodiUSC- B4193.9
PatrickUSC- A77103.5
DanielUSC- A3183.1
PatrickCornell B66122.5
BenUVA- B42122.5
MaxMD House1042.5
MikeMD House1042.5
JenCornell B43122.1
AdamUVA- B55122.1
JeffYKY Chicago AFM43122.1
John PaulRoanoke33101.5
MattUSC- B45101.5
JamilG. Tech10120.8
RickUSC- B1180.6

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