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Friendship Prime Generator

Click on one of the two links below to download a compressed (zipped or gzipped) directory that holds the files necessary to generate web surveys designed to prime one type of friendship versus another. Once you download and uncompress the files, you will find a README.txt file that describes how to use the script.
    You will need a Linux or other unix-based computer (e.g., Mac OSX) with a Perl interpreter to run this script. If you would like to to tweak the script or its components, then you will need experience programming in Perl 5.8. Sorry, but there is no available version for Windows, but almost all academic institutions provide access to a unix-based programming environment for their faculty, students, and staff with Perl already installed. Perl comes native on Mac OSX.
    Please feel free to email Elizabeth Page-Gould if you have questions about this script. Download one of the following (depending on whether you use Zip to GZip to handle your files). The contents of the two files are identical: Once you have downloaded the file:
  1. Uncompress the file
  2. Go into the new 'generateFriendshipPrimes' directory that appears
  3. Open the README.txt file to learn how to use the script



This script is intended to facilitate research and education ONLY. Therefore, academic researchers and educators may use and alter this script and accompanying files as much as they would like without permission. Artistic works and use of the script for personal interest are a little more of a gray area, but you may contact Elizabeth Page-Gould to request permission. This script and accompanying files are not allowed for commercial or business purposes of any form, although you may still request permission from Dr. Page-Gould if you feel your business would like to use the script for some form of charity or greater good.
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