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My name is Ray Lin and I am currently an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley.  I created this site as a project for IDS 110: introduction to computers as not only a vehicle to learn basic HTML and JavaScript but also as an independent approach to amassing a greater knowledge on contemporary issues concerning the internet and technology. 

In particular, I chose net neutrality because it is a relatively recent issue that all users of the internet should be informed about.  It has the power to affect all people that use the internet in a very drastic way, yet few people even know that such a problem exists.  By choosing net neutrality, I was hoping to better inform myself on the subject and also to raise awareness to anybody else that would like to listen. 

That being said, I learned much more to the debate on net neutrality than I thought I would going into this project.  I discovered that there are much more intricacies to the argument than the simple black and white picture that propagandists often paint.  This grey area in between was somewhat of an obstacle to overcome, requiring me to sift through dense legal and technical readings that are often skewed by supporters on both sides.   In the end, I left with new knowledge of how the networks work that I had no idea existed all while gaining very practical skills in basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and website design and layout. 

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