Spotlights – Julie Nguyen

My name is Julie Nguyen and I’m an intern for the OutREACH! Team. My pronouns are she/they/his.

My favorite REACH! Memory was the 2018 Southern California OutREACH! Trip. We took a group of amazing, dedicated, and passionate individuals down to Southern California to provide resources for students in underserved communities. I am humbled to have learned so much from the communities we outreached to and from each outreacher.

I joined REACH! After attending ShadowNite as a mentee my senior year of high school. I was in awe at how everyone was so unapologetically themselves. Each person uplifted and supported the other and the community. I joined to contribute to the community that fostered and encouraged growth and solidarity within our community and others.

Fun Facts!

If I could only o...

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Senior Weekend Volunteer Apps!

Hey y’all! The senior weekend team has just released their applications to be mentors/volunteers!

Senior weekend is a 4-day, 3-night program that brings newly admitted students to experience the Berkeley campus and get a sense of what Cal has to offer! The trip is completely free which includes housing, food, and transportation!

Senior Weekend aims to serve REACH!’s mission statement:
“Committed to the service, empowerment, and mobilization of immigrant, refugee, and underserved Asian/Pacific Islanders by promoting higher education to empower ourselves and challenge the economic and social inequalities facing our communities.”

This year, their theme is “REACH! for the Stars...

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Spotlights – Kat Sen

My name is Katharine Sen, but people usually call me Kat and I’m the co-coordinator for Retention.

My gender pronouns are she, her, hers.

  • What’s your favorite REACH! Memory?

That’s hard to answer since I have so many favorite memories in REACH! Some of those favorite memories are just me visiting the REACH! Office. Every time I go up to the 4th floor of MLK and open the door to our shared office, I see familiar faces. We end up chatting away with them until we gotta go to class. Every day, we do something different, whether it’s eating good food together, fangirling over Kpop/anime, or laugh about something stupid another member has said. All those memories at the office are my favorite memories because they are the times I spent with my second family.

  • Why did you join REACH!?
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Spotlights – Joanne Yi

My name is Joanne Yi and I’m a part of the Political Advocacy Team. My gender pronouns are she/they.

My favorite memory of reach was after a week of outreaching to high schoolers through Central California, we were all saying goodbye to each other. I approached Kimmie Tran (who I first met on the trip and is now my co-coordinator), and she took one look at me and we both started crying and laughing at the same time. This is one of my favorite REACH! memories because it speaks to how REACH! fosters deep connections; also, it basically encapsulates my entire relationship with Kimmie (my work wife) pretty well.

I’ve been ride or die for Stockton for a long time which is often viewed as unusual...

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