A New Approach to Travel Blogging

Here is my attempt to transition from this haphazard 1990s-era text blog into a few more professional-appearing privately hosted blogs with my their own domain names, which I can monetize as well. This change made me think a bit about my approach towards travel blogging. So far it’s all been about putting a very prosaic […]

That Childlike Sense of Wonder

Trying, and failing, to imagine the first human looking through a microscope at a dividing cell and the sheer amazement going through his mind. It would be like… peering through the mist to read from forbidden scrolls the deepest secrets of creation itself. What a frightful surge of awe and fear that would be. Yet […]

America the Catspaw

It’s really just Sunni vs Shiite, or more specifically Saudi Arabia vs Iran. The Saudis, clever as they are, long since sensed where the wind was blowing. They used their oil wealth to buy off the US. As a result, the US military went on foreign adventures to do their bidding. The Saudis also cleverly […]

Singapore’s Birth Rate

Much has been written about the demographic disaster in wealthy countries. Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany are all experiencing bel0w-replacement fertility rates. The knee jerk response has been to encourage more immigration, especially of young people. This introduces some potential complications – angering natives, and creating immigrant ghettos with youth unable to adjust […]

Random Food For Thought

Wisdom from a pair of nonagenarians, and one who is as ornery and grumpy as to be one. The first is from an inventor of a deadly weapon – one that will go down in history as the most destructive weapon. The AK47 has been the weapon of choice for revolutionaries, governments, and terrorists alike […]

Techie’s Paradise Playground

I’ve blogged on this topic many times in the past. The Bay Area is turning more and more into a haven for techies and no other. The high wages and venture money sloshing around has driven the area into a frenzy. Real estate prices have shot through the roof. World class restaurants are springing up […]

The Pope of Inequality

Pope Francis has turned the Catholic world on its head, reversing several decades of conservative dogma and refocusing the church on solving social ills rather than trying to enforce morality. I applaud this act. The church can be a great instrument for social change and to relieve poverty around the world. This, and focusing on […]

The Female Psyche

Not real, but wow, what if it were? There’s a lot of potential here. First, the female side is well-done. Dakota Johnson, culled from the countless hordes of young attractive aspiring actresses, combines the best of a submissive pose, sexually suggestive position, popping colours (black dress, blonde hair, and red lipstick), and the hint of […]

Cost of Living and Housing Bubbles

It’s a growing truism that the desirable places in the world are increasingly unaffordable. Sure, it has always been the case that London, Zurich, Tokyo, NYC, and Hong Kong were always going to be that way. After all, there’s limited land, zoning laws, good high-paying jobs, and the appeal of a cosmopolitan fun city. ┬áBut […]

Genuinely Stupid People

I very rarely get mad, especially over something on the internet (it’s amazing how much bravado the anonymity of the internet brings out), but sometimes the degree of stupidity just makes me frustrated. This came to a head with an article I read today about not vaccinating one’s children. Just a small pet peeve of […]