The Female Psyche

Not real, but wow, what if it were? There’s a lot of potential here. First, the female side is well-done. Dakota Johnson, culled from the countless hordes of young attractive aspiring actresses, combines the best of a submissive pose, sexually suggestive position, popping colours (black dress, blonde hair, and red lipstick), and the hint of […]

Expose: Annie Walker’s Boyfriends

Covert Affairs is my most recent addiction, which I picked up on the plane ride (thanks, United) to and from Thailand. It’s making for a good watch while I wait for Castle to start up again in the fall. Oh, and there’s Game of Thrones next year, Sherlock, Veronica Mars movie, Ender’s Game movie, and […]

India and Thailand 2013 – First Week at St. John’s

So I’ve now gotten settled in Bangalore and can kick back to relax a little. The Annexe is a nice accommodation overall, and definitely very reasonably priced considering how high-end a district it’s located in. St. John’s is walled campus that, though surrounded by 4 busy streets, has hardly any noise pollution. It’s truly a […]

Another Wonderful Day

Another Wonderful Day

One day before the exam, I decided to take a leisure day and not do any studying. So, Wayne and I went on an all day outing. We headed out to Uvas Canyon for a 4 hour hike, saw some nice waterfalls, and then came back to eat a wonderful meal at Kabul, an Afghan […]

How to Discourage File Sharing

Bittorrent is a big deal. The number quoted is anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of *all* internet traffic in the world, albeit a bit skewed by the large file sizes and tempered in recent years by streaming video. Dan Ariely even had a moment of catharsis when his own intellectual property was pirated. Yes, it’s […]

What’s Next For Me

Just finished with the EM rotation. Man, it was a blast. I’ve never had so much professional growth in so short a time before. The staff were all wonderful and constantly challenged me to think more critically and broadly. My base of medical knowledge increased for sure. However, the rotation was demanding with the constant […]

Dreams From My Future?

Dream 1. On a train heading over the countryside with other members of the BTA team (wtf?). Our carriage is attacked by men in suits, who are currently trying to batter down the door linking the previous carriage and ours, causing us to deploy defenses. Gorilla glass walls slam down between each of the men, […]

Name the Greatest, and Then the Most Underappreciated (People Edition)

(My own choices given, reflecting personal prejudices) Actor (Kate Winslet, Nathan Fillion) Artist (Rembrandt, Darrell Sweet) Author (Haruki Murakami, Roger Zelazny) Blogger (Tyler Cowen, Jeff Atwood) Composer (I’m afraid my musical talents are not sufficient to judge this category) Director (Francis Ford Coppola, Terry Gilliam) Economist (Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises) Game Designer (Shigeru Miyamoto, […]

Why Advertising Does Not Work on Me

Strange revelation while reading Overdo$ed America’s section on the public demanding meds or procedures that they’ve seen on TV. I’ve always found it surprising that people are persuaded so easily by advertising to buy products that they don’t need. Professors tell me (for opposing reasons) in business and in sociology that consumers are surrounded and […]

What I’m Eagerly Awaiting

In terms of movies, games, and other entertainment to be released in this coming year, there are plenty of things to keep me salivating. Sadly, Dance with Dragons was over far too quickly and hiking in the same outdoors can get old after a while. Here they are: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Deus Ex 3: […]