The Female Psyche

Not real, but wow, what if it were? There’s a lot of potential here. First, the female side is well-done. Dakota Johnson, culled from the countless hordes of young attractive aspiring actresses, combines the best of a submissive pose, sexually suggestive position, popping colours (black dress, blonde hair, and red lipstick), and the hint of […]

Want to Meet Amazing People? Travel

This started in part because some coworkers and acquaintances were complaining about how impossible it is to find good, compatible, [single] people, especially in one’s mid-late 20s. To this, I say bollocks. These people may be trying hard, but obviously aren’t looking in all the right places. People of a certain mentality gravitate to certain […]

Expose: Annie Walker’s Boyfriends

Covert Affairs is my most recent addiction, which I picked up on the plane ride (thanks, United) to and from Thailand. It’s making for a good watch while I wait for Castle to start up again in the fall. Oh, and there’s Game of Thrones next year, Sherlock, Veronica Mars movie, Ender’s Game movie, and […]

A Thought

Women take it quite hard when they offer sex (outside of soliciting) and are rejected. I wonder if men take it similarly hard when they offer commitment and are turned down for that. Just think about all the jilted guys at or before the altar thanks to the flighty feet and hearts of runaway brides […]


Amazingly excited, hopefully optimistic, and slightly anxious. This one may lead to the black box.

On My Own

It certainly feels that way. Recently, I found out that a girl I had a crush on (and went out with a few times) back in undergrad is getting married. While a tiny part of me wishes her joy, the biggest portion is withstanding a torrent of conflicted emotions. There’s a mixture of regret, rekindled […]

My Ideal Woman

It’s been a long time in development, but I feel I finally have a grasp on what traits my ideal woman needs to have: In short, a tall (170 cm+) willowy brunette with long hair, big eyes and a shy smile, from Lithuania, who grew up in Singapore, speaks 4 languages fluently (each from a […]

How To Get Laid

as a nerd. MR again has the answer (key emphasis mine): Butter November 5, 2012 at 2:02 pm Epic Fail on the e-harmony profile. He’s over-signalling intelligence. There’s a good paper about how much to optimally signal, like when you have a PhD to put it on your business card or not. This guy is going […]

Living Purposefully – Basics of Being Happy

Nat has always been a fun and happy person, which explained much of my initial attraction. In general, that trend applies across the board in all interactions. People don’t seem to enjoy the company of the dour and glum (I’m looking at you, Gordon Brown and Al Gore). In fact, a patient just recently accused […]

The Problem With Julia

What is it with the name Julia to be associated with tears? Been chugging through The Magician Kings now (a fantastic read; thanks for the rec, Mike), and the amount of sorrow is overwhelming even compared to the first book. Urban fantasy is definitely now on my radar after Lev Grossman and Amber Benson (and […]