A New Approach to Travel Blogging

Here is my attempt to transition from this haphazard 1990s-era text blog into a few more professional-appearing privately hosted blogs with my their own domain names, which I can monetize as well. This change made me think a bit about my approach towards travel blogging. So far it’s all been about putting a very prosaic […]

Travel Itch Again

Ugh. I clicked on an account of a road trip through Siberia and now I want to go dash off and explore for 3-6 months. It really got my travel juices flowing again. Good thing I have the NYC trip coming up, and Hawaii after that (though they’re both pretty tame as tourist places), else I […]

SoCal is Filled with Competitive People

And here I thought I had a tough time adjusting to life in the Midwest. SoCal is also a place with a totally different mentality also. People are really really judgmental and superficial. They’re also incredibly insecure. For example, an aspiring actor working as a waiter will not hesitate to criticize and look for every […]

Want to Meet Amazing People? Travel

This started in part because some coworkers and acquaintances were complaining about how impossible it is to find good, compatible, [single] people, especially in one’s mid-late 20s. To this, I say bollocks. These people may be trying hard, but obviously aren’t looking in all the right places. People of a certain mentality gravitate to certain […]

News Roundup – Happiness Edition

Apparently HuffPost  stole my thunder and came out with an entire section of their webpage dedicated to healthy living and happiness. They do have some interesting articles, which I have listed here. The first post that really jumped out at me is about the new generation of doctors. They combine modern expectations about work/life balance […]

Exciting Future Plans

Really excited about the things being I’ve set in motion recently, mostly involving business ideas, blogs, and upcoming trips. Planning to subdivide this blog into 3 commercially hosted blogs, in part to promote my upcoming book and websites. One will focus on how to live life, evidence-based approach to happiness, fun things going on in […]

India and Thailand 2013 – A Time of Malaria

I got into Chiang Mai in the late morning and stumbled out of the station, bidding my farewell to A and B. Consulting my Triposo map of the city (Google Maps was blocked by the government from saving offline maps of sensitive areas such as Chiang Mai) showed me that I was on the complete […]

Best Article Yet on India’s “Eve Teasing” Phenomenon

which has culminated in a series of high-profile rapes this spring. This WSJ article goes through a list of suggested explanations and debunks them in turn, and finally offers its own very reasonable and believable hypothesis.

India and Thailand 2013 – Wat Overload

The plane arrived in Bangkok at about midnight, just like before. And again, just like before, I spent the night at the airport lying uncomfortably across a row of seats. The reason again was the lack of good transportation into the city late at night (taxis are exorbitant/extortionate in their rates). Instead, in the morning, […]

India and Thailand 2013 – Final Days in India

Got into Trivandrum by bus after 1-2 hours. The scenery outside was quite interesting throughout, though the driver had a suicidal tendency of speeding and passing every car in front of him on a small 2 lane road. I focused my attention on watching the letters outside change from Tamil to Malayalam, which has largely […]