Anime and Fansubbing

How to Discourage File Sharing

Bittorrent is a big deal. The number quoted is anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of *all* internet traffic in the world, albeit a bit skewed by the large file sizes and tempered in recent years by streaming video. Dan Ariely even had a moment of catharsis when his own intellectual property was pirated. Yes, it’s […]

Intel Atom Performance Comparison

Even since Intel released its Silverthorne project as the Atom, I have been salivating at finally picking up a small, cool, light desktop that is a cheap and versatile performer. Why do I need a power-guzzling Core 2 Duo when everyday tasks don’t need something more powerful than a Pentium III? I know because I […]

gcc vs icc

As someone who’s always interested in the performance of software, I haven’t found many comparisons or benchmarks of compilers. Of particular interest to me are optimizations possible when using SIMD instruction sets. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that someone had already done a benchmark by comparing execution times of x264 and oggenc […]

Shows That Made Me Cry

Full Moon wo Sagashite Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Now and Then, Here and There Hoshi no Koe and now, Desperate Housewives, whose last episode of the first season has the dubious distinction of having made me laugh and cry at the same time. Oh the pain!

Boundless Creativity

It’s on times such as these that I feel a certain sisterly kinship with Miyazawa. People like you… you’re so amazing. You’re all aspiring writers, directors of the school play, or med school acceptants. You all already have real skills and love for something. All I can do is study well. All I can do is struggle to clutch […]

First Day

Hmm… Classes began today. They’re not very exciting so far and it looks like they shouldn’t be problematic. Rather, I was more productive in other areas. For example, there was a very nice glue job on my broken headphones (after 2 days). It’s now a bit more loosely fitting and barely covers my ears but […]

Apparently, I have bipolar disorder

Ack! Ajax is the worst. My work at the Freeling Lab is finally paying some dividends though. We’re working on a really cool genomic database and comparison tool that can be used to find synteny between organisms as distinct as Arabidopsis and humans. This is cool stuff! The only problem is that the API is […]

Emerson was right

I’ve spent far too much time these months with “the whore,” as I’ve taken to calling my computer. This is what it currently looks like: Desktop As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy stories. Aeris is probably one of the best female leads ever created. She has a pure […]

"…shed a teardrop each time a leaf falls."

Hmm… Listening to Maaya’s older songs made me nostalgic… for a lot of things. First, when I lived in Glasgow, the flats were structured so that rows of neat houses would conceal the back yards. There, there was a huge yard separated by steel fences marking the boundaries for each property. There was one boy […]