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This is How Freedom Dies

With the gradual erosion of online privacy in a process so insidious that we take each step as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I’m off Facebook. I never started using Twitter. Is there more I need to do? Forsake Google and carve out my own mail server on a private […]

Exciting Future Plans

Really excited about the things being I’ve set in motion recently, mostly involving business ideas, blogs, and upcoming trips. Planning to subdivide this blog into 3 commercially hosted blogs, in part to promote my upcoming book and websites. One will focus on how to live life, evidence-based approach to happiness, fun things going on in […]

The Pros and Cons of the Cloud

I’ve grown to like the cloud. Maybe that’s a bit strong, but at least I’ve dampened my previous hostility to it. With better infrastructure and apps, the concept of the cloud has grown at least semi-useful in my life, particularly with respect to minimalism and reducing the number of physical possessions. Tools like online storage […]

Giving in to the Trend

It was inevitable. Like some towering walls that withstood siege after siege, it eventually yielded to a massive flood surging forth to announce the demise. I’m talking of course about trends in technology. First it was 4:3 screens transitioning to wide 16:10 then to 16:9 and now to ultra-wide ratios. The marketing appeal focused on […]

Miniaturizing Life – Appreciating Sleekness in Code

My newfound obsession with minimalism as the key to living life has extended to appreciation of fine code. First, with my pedigree in software engineering, I’m a maniac when it comes to stretching the useful life of “old” hardware. Heck, I have a sentimental side for old computers; I see them as faithful old dogs […]

How to Discourage File Sharing

Bittorrent is a big deal. The number quoted is anywhere from 1/5 to 1/3 of *all* internet traffic in the world, albeit a bit skewed by the large file sizes and tempered in recent years by streaming video. Dan Ariely even had a moment of catharsis when his own intellectual property was pirated. Yes, it’s […]

Miniaturizing Life – Online Presence and Privacy

The Germans are famously paranoid about personal information online, so much so that some I’ve met refuse to use their real name in things as seemingly innocuous as Facebook profiles. I’ve always poo-pooed the idea as overly conservative, but recent events may have caused me to reevaluate my stance towards online profiles and personal information disclosure. Oh […]

Miniaturizing Life – Combo Devices

One point of my goal of miniaturizing life (in more detail in both a past and future post) is minimizing the size and number of electronic gadgets. Don’t get me wrong; they’ve been hugely useful in reducing waste and space. Instead of paper files in cabinets, we can have digitized records all on one hard […]

Why Innovating is so Hard

Innovation is difficult, so proclaims the WSJ. In fact, it has been so pronounced that as we look back on what has changed or improved since 2000, there has been incremental evolution in many areas but more often duds, or trifles. The exception of course is Apple, which even I have to admit is bold […]

Name the Greatest, and Then the Most Underappreciated (People Edition)

(My own choices given, reflecting personal prejudices) Actor (Kate Winslet, Nathan Fillion) Artist (Rembrandt, Darrell Sweet) Author (Haruki Murakami, Roger Zelazny) Blogger (Tyler Cowen, Jeff Atwood) Composer (I’m afraid my musical talents are not sufficient to judge this category) Director (Francis Ford Coppola, Terry Gilliam) Economist (Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises) Game Designer (Shigeru Miyamoto, […]