Consumer Electronics

Cruel Introduction to the World of SEO

I’ve blogged about SEO in the past, but it seems those in the business of making a living by blogging or maintaining websites are quite shark-like in their approach to marketing their product. It’s nothing I’m unused to though, and heck, I even plan on employing some of their techniques when I have my book […]

Giving in to the Trend

It was inevitable. Like some towering walls that withstood siege after siege, it eventually yielded to a massive flood surging forth to announce the demise. I’m talking of course about trends in technology. First it was 4:3 screens transitioning to wide 16:10 then to 16:9 and now to ultra-wide ratios. The marketing appeal focused on […]

Miniaturizing Life – What To Buy Used (and What to Buy Cheap)

Ah, here’s another installment in my mad quest to optimize life and live purposefully. Today we’ll focus on saving money by buying used. The idea came to me while thinking about how to resolve the dilemma between buying a replacement travel camera or using a cellphone as a replacement (but not too long, as time […]

The Tyranny of the Upgrade Calendar

So I’ve got a quandary. The LCD of my small portable camera was cracked on my last trip and I failed in fixing it myself. Buying a replacement P&S would be anywhere from $150-$200 for a “piss-poor” quality one. Alternatively, I can spend a little more and get the shiny new Google Nexus 4 phone […]

Miniaturizing Life – Combo Devices

One point of my goal of miniaturizing life (in more detail in both a past and future post) is minimizing the size and number of electronic gadgets. Don’t get me wrong; they’ve been hugely useful in reducing waste and space. Instead of paper files in cabinets, we can have digitized records all on one hard […]

OCF Downtime and Summer Update

OCF’s long downtime has prevented me from making many updates, but finally I’m able to update to WordPress 3.0 and post a bit about my summer. As you probably know, I’ve been having fun in Ecuador this past month. There are still 6 weeks left and this is a rough outline of how I will […]

Some Theories About Jobs

Steve Jobs that is. To celebrate Apple’s recent passing of Microsoft as the largest tech company in terms of market capitalization, we’re going to study the megalomaniac character that is the company’s CEO. For one, he’s insanely wealthy, but not from a salary or sale of Apple stock. No, he gets dividends from Disney, which […]

A Perfectly Competitive Environment?

Obscene profits quickly driven down by competitors? Businesses struggling to make a franc/euro/dollar/pound because of cutthroat pricing? Many competitors simultaneously rising and falling? Strenuous work environments (okay, maybe this doesn’t count)? You’ve got all the makings of a perfectly competitive marketplace. For all the benefits it offers to the consumer, businesses and perhaps more importantly, […]

Are Netbooks Worth It?

Since my European backpacking adventures is almost upon me, I’ve been thinking of taking along a netbook as my primary computer. That got me thinking about the popularity of netbooks in general and whether they are sufficient as one’s only computer. In my last post, I speculated that the performance is good enough to perform […]

The Externalities of Moore's Law

Green is good. With the advent of Energy Star 4.0, there is the real hope that power usage and waste can be reduced. One way to do this is to reduce one’s consumption, especially in electronics. I forgot the link, but a new computer requires a hundred litres of water, various halogens and heavy metals. […]