Random Food For Thought

Wisdom from a pair of nonagenarians, and one who is as ornery and grumpy as to be one. The first is from an inventor of a deadly weapon – one that will go down in history as the most destructive weapon. The AK47 has been the weapon of choice for revolutionaries, governments, and terrorists alike […]

Techie’s Paradise Playground

I’ve blogged on this topic many times in the past. The Bay Area is turning more and more into a haven for techies and no other. The high wages and venture money sloshing around has driven the area into a frenzy. Real estate prices have shot through the roof. World class restaurants are springing up […]

The Pope of Inequality

Pope Francis has turned the Catholic world on its head, reversing several decades of conservative dogma and refocusing the church on solving social ills rather than trying to enforce morality. I applaud this act. The church can be a great instrument for social change and to relieve poverty around the world. This, and focusing on […]

Cost of Living and Housing Bubbles

It’s a growing truism that the desirable places in the world are increasingly unaffordable. Sure, it has always been the case that London, Zurich, Tokyo, NYC, and Hong Kong were always going to be that way. After all, there’s limited land, zoning laws, good high-paying jobs, and the appeal of a cosmopolitan fun city. ¬†But […]

The Troubles Facing China

I’m incredibly lucky. Not only do I have a loving family, but with their help I’m close to being able to live the dream. My parents are also thankfully getting to a comfortable enough situation with work and finances that I’ve been talking to them about early retirement (sometimes jokingly about me “retiring” before them). […]

Earnings, Savings, and Money

Interesting few articles recently about earnings. First, does language affect your attitudes about life, way you think about things? Of course. All idiosyncrasies and grammatical rules shape the way we interact with our world, be it the absence of tenses in Mandarin, to masculine/feminine nouns in the Romance languages. GRS came out today with an […]

Impending Revolutions

Are economic crises better for the rich or the poor. It seems that bubbles get blown where historically the rich have mostly participated in speculating, and the subsequent deflation and loss of wealth fell most heavily on them. However, government policy in the wake of the most recent crises has been to blow more asset […]

Immigrants, Race, and Language – A Perfect Trifecta

What a day for controversial news topics! First, it’s common for certain languages to fade from use as immigrants assimilate. I had thought that the process would be more difficult now that media is more easily available from immigrants’ home countries, but perhaps the US is just “exceptional” in integration. This story about Hispanics losing […]

You’re Always Competing Against Other People

The answer was one I reached after a bit of meditating, in response to a shockingly simple question I was struck with by a fellow nocturnist on call. This doctor grew up in San Francisco and even worked around the Bay Area after for a bit. However, he eventually moved to Southern California, and on […]

Fulfilling Careers – Now an Oxymoron? Not with Minimalism!

I recently read this interesting article¬†(original here) from Naked Capitalism, or should I say salvaged from their liberal rants against banksters. The key is that we are wealthier as a species than ever before, but everyone is still so stressed, busy, and unsatisfied with life in general. The reason, the article claims, is that capitalism […]